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America Square Conference Centre London

7th October, 2021


Interviews & Podcasts


Opening Keynote: RegTech – a central bank view

  • Perspectives on RegTech in supervised firms
  • Development of SupTech in the Bank of England
  • Work going forward and ongoing industry engagement

Peter Thomas, Senior Manager, Data Innovation, Bank of England

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Keynote: Understanding the importance of an integrated regulatory, data and technology strategy

  • Current regulatory landscape
  • How data and regulation are inextricably linked
  • Integrating data and technology for regulatory compliance and beyond

Bradley Foster, Global Head of Content (Enterprise), Bloomberg

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RegTech Innovation Collaboration: 
Automating Regulatory Change – The Art of the Possible

Paul North, The New Initiatives Working Group, The RegTech Council

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Keynote: The emerging challenges of compliant communications

  • New communication channels and emerging technologies are being used in trading
  • Under MiFID II and other similar regulations around the world, more data points need to be monitored, captured, recorded and retained than ever before
  • At the same time the consumerisation of technology means that your users and customers are wanting to adopt a myriad of communication technologies
  • How to close the compliance gap?

Paul Liesching, Global Head of Financial Markets, Truphone

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Keynote: Trade and transaction reporting challenges – security data challenges

  • Where are we with MIFIR/MIFID II?
  • The implications of Brexit – what should you expect?
  • What should you be doing to support SFTR?

Peter Moss, CEO, SmartStream RDU

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Understanding the Importance of an Integrated Regulatory, Data and Technology Strategy

By Bradley Foster, Global Head of Content (Enterprise), Bloomberg. Regulation following the 2008 financial crisis has had a profound effect on banks and buy side firms. Banks in particular are now much better capitalized and more liquid compared to a decade ago. We have seen a wave of new investor protection and market transparency regulation…

Embracing Automation and Collaboration Tools to Inject Reference Data into the Trade Lifecycle

Digital transformation in the financial services sector has raised many questions around data, including the cost and volume of reference data required by each financial institution. Firms need flexible access to the reference data required to ensure workflows can proceed without interruption. ‘One-size-fits-all’ bulk data licensing models are increasingly less fit for purpose. Emerging solutions…

Welcome to A-Team Group’s best read handbook, the Regulatory Data Handbook, which is now in its seventh edition and continues to grow in terms of the number of regulations covered, the detail of each regulation and the impact that all the rules and regulations will have on data and data management at your institution. This…

Recorded Webinar: FRTB: The time to get your data in order is now

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) regulation requires firms within its scope to source significant amounts of data, some of which has not previously been required and is difficult to pin down. The data management challenges of the regulation’s Internal Model Approach (IMA) to market risk capital calculations include ongoing P&L attribution, back testing…