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A-Team Insight is your single destination for in-depth knowledge and resources across all aspects of regulation, enterprise data management, ESG and trading technology in financial markets.

We deliver insights into industry trends, how your peers across the buy- and sell-side are dealing with and overcoming challenges in data, technology, and regulatory compliance, and how providers of data, technology or software solutions are working to help you solve them.

You can tailor your experience by filtering our content based on the topics you are specifically interested in, across our range of blogs with expert opinions from our editors, in-depth white papers, handbooks, and interactive webinars, and you can join us in person at our range of A-Team Summits and briefings.

A-Team Insight brings together our expertise from our well-established brands Data Management Insight; TradingTech Insight; RegTech Insight and ESG Insight, all on one platform.

Our readers are senior-decision makers globally from all major investment banks and investment management firms across the buy- and sell-side, as well as consultants, regulators, and the data, technology and software vendors servicing the financial markets.

Our Online Publications

RegTech Insight focuses on how data, technology and processes at financial institutions are impacted by regulations and how innovative solutions – from both new and established vendors – can help address these challenges.

RegTech Insight is an indispensable source of information for those with the following job titles: Heads of Regulations, Heads of Innovation, Heads of RegTech, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Data Management, Heads of Client Onboarding, Heads of Financial Crime, Heads of Surveillance, Heads of Analytics, Heads of IT and more.

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Data Management Insight delivers insight into how financial institutions are working to best manage data quality across the enterprise, data lineage and data governance, and the innovative practices and vendor solutions that are being employed to solve data management challenges.

Data Management Insight has been an indispensable source of information for over 15 years for Chief Operating Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Heads of Data Management, Heads of Data Governance, Heads of Data Quality, Heads of Regulatory Change, Data and Analytics Officers, Directors of IT, Heads of Data Architecture, Heads of Client Onboarding and Heads of Client Data.

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TradingTech Insight delves into the world of trading technology, covering electronic best execution, high performance trading infrastructure, low latency, market data, alternative data, real-time analytics, innovative technology such as machine learning, AI and predictive analytics, cloud-based services, and more.

TradingTech Insight is read by Heads of Electronic Execution, Heads of Trading Technology, Market Data Managers, Chief Technology Officers

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