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30 March 2023



America Square Conference Centre, London



Registration and Networking


Opening and Welcome
Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group


Practitioner Innovation Keynote:


CDO Practitioner Panel: How to achieve successful data transformation for long term business value

  • How are CDOs using regulatory data initiatives as a foundation to deliver business value?
  • With a focus on cost reduction and in the current economic climate, how can CDOs avoid a focus on short termism and transformation initiatives that may not deliver an immediate or definable ROI?
  • How are CDOs demonstrating quick wins with measurable outcomes to ensure credibility and ongoing management buy in and budget?
  • How do you bring the whole organisation along with you in a data transformation programme?
  • Talent operations crisis: How to upskill for analytics and agile in an economic downturn; is the industry doing enough to recruit and retain top talent?
  • How can CDOs optimise the value from investments in data tooling to drive sustainable business outcomes?
  • How can CDOs build an efficient and effective ecosystem, creating alliances and leveraging partnerships with data vendors, tech firms and platforms to help solve regulatory challenges and unlock business value?

Moderator: Niresh Rajah, Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Advisory Practice, Grant Thornton
Sarah Walker,
Head of Data & Analytics, Commercial &  NatWest Markets
Diane Berry,
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Phoenix Group
Gurprit Singh,
Global Head of Data & Analytics, Partners Capital
Hany Choueiri
, Interim Head of Data, Sainsburys Bank
Indhira Mani
, Head of Data Management and Tooling, Anglo American

(Only open to CDO level executives)


Keynote: Navigating operating model choices in uncertain times
Josh Gaddy,
VP, Director, Developer Advocacy and Data Architecture, FactSet
Akash Nakarja,
Director of Sales Engineering, FactSet


Networking and Refreshment Break


Panel: How to capitalise on data migration to the cloud

  • How can financial institutions use the cloud to re-think their  entire data and analytics strategy?
  • Cloud strategy and business alignment: How can data executives articulate cloud strategy in a meaningful way that brings the business along on the cloud journey?
  • What are the design and architecture considerations for building a best in class data warehouses?
  • What are the common success factors and limitations, or mistakes to avoid when migrating applications such as data warehouses?
  • How can firms achieve real time access to data and analytics across multiple cloud and hybrid environments?
  • What are the challenges in ensuring data lineage and data  governance for cloud environments and how does this differ from on prem?
  • What are the benefits and lessons learned so far and how will this inform future cloud strategy?

Moderator: Naomi Clarke, Chief Data Officer, HUB
Lynn Watts
, Head of Data Governance, Royal London Asset Management
Ravi Gandhi
, Senior Content and Technology Specialist, FactSet
Chris Brook
, Head of Platform Development and Co-Founder, FINBOURNE Technology


Keynote: Philip Dutton, Co-Founder & CEO, Solidatus 


Panel: How to enable data democratisation with trusted data products

  • What are the drivers behind the business creation of data products?
  • How should financial institutions go about defining and identifying data products, what are common use cases?
  • How should a CDO office set up and create the right environment and culture to enable the developments of data pipelines and data products?
  • What approaches can firms take to improve data ownership and manage data quality to ensure ‘trusted’ data sources?
  • How can firms make sure data products are accessible and discoverable with the appropriate safeguards and controls in place for data consumers; is this the route to data democratisation?
  • What is the role of low code and no code software applications in creating trusted data products?

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
Phil Yeoman
, Group Chief Data Officer, Cardano
Mridula Mutharaju,
Data & Analytics, NatWest Group
Roy Kirby,
Head Reference Data, Corporate Actions & Pricing, SIX


Lunch and Networking 


Regulator Keynote: Data Driven Transformation at the FCA

  • Developments and achievements since 2020 data strategy
  • Key areas of focus and intentions for the new data strategy and implications for market participants
  • How the FCA is continuing to invest in data and technology to transform the way the FCA regulates and to reduce the burden on firms 

Helen Packard, Data Strategy, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Panel: Managing UK-EU regulatory divergence and meeting requirements for multiple regulatory regimes – the data  management response

  • What does the regulatory environment look like in 2023 and what are regulatory challenges facing financial institutions?
  • What are the challenges of data management across multiple regulatory regimes?
  • What approaches can be taken to identify and understand overlaps?
  • How can data overlaps be managed to cut costs and increase efficiencies?
  • How should financial institutions ensure a robust control framework to manage data accuracy and completeness?
  • How are data standards helping to improve the quality of regulatory data and what more needs to be done?
  • What progress is being made by industry and regulators on standardising and digitising reporting with initiatives such as DRR?

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Linda Gibson
, Director, Head of Regulatory Change EMEA, BNY Mellon | Pershing
Steve Green,
Executive Director, Head of Data Office EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)
Mary-Anne Bullock,
VP of Strategy, Solidatus 


Panel: The power of automation – how to  leverage automation and ML to progress your data analytics capability and get value from unstructured data

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of automation?
  • Where should financial institutions invest in automation now and what are the critical use cases?
  • What capabilities and technologies are key to automating both structured and unstructured data?
  • What are the best practice approaches to automating data analytics processes?
  • Bridging the gap: How can the relationship between business and data science be improved for trusted AI and better business outcomes?
  • How can low code analytics solutions be implemented across large data sets and generate successful results?

Moderator: Sarah Belsham, Partner, RSM
Kevin Morgan
, Chief Data Operations Officer, Norstella
Angela Johnson de Wet,
Head of Function – Business and Commercial Banking Technology, Lloyds Banking Group


Networking and Refreshment Break


Case study: Implementing data fabric for business value creation


Panel: How to set up a robust ESG data framework to manage compliance and business insight 

  • What are the latest trends in ESG investing and how will these change?
  • What are the data architecture considerations to keep in mind as asset managers build out their ESG data platforms?
  • In data we trust: How can asset managers approach the challenges of ESG data sourcing and quality?
  • What is the role of NLP and ML in filling ESG data gaps?
  • What progress is being made on ratings, scores and methodologies?  Is more transparency required?
  • What value do industry standards bring and how can asset managers identify match standards to their needs?
  • Who will be the winners and losers in the ESG market and why?

Moderator: Mark Davies, Partner, Element 22
Aria Goudarzi
, Global ESG Data & Reporting Lead, Nikko Asset Management
Robert Cumberbatch
, Index Data Manager, Chief Data Office, Legal & General IM


Networking Drinks Reception 

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