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Networking & Connections

The Breakfast Briefing: Meeting the Data Requirements of FRTB offers many opportunities for you to strengthen your network and make new connections

Glaziers Hall London

May 2020


Slido – Have your say

We think it’s really important for you to have your say and to feel part of the conversation that’s happening with the speakers on stage. Slido is our interactive audience technology that allows you to ask questions while the sessions are taking place using your mobile, tablet or laptop and to vote in live polls and give your opinion on topical industry issues. There is no need to download or install anything – it’s really easy to use – and great for anyone that is shy about public speaking! We’ve found it really increases interaction during the conference and with the upvote function so you can ‘like’ questions submitted, means the most popular and relevant questions get answered first.

Networking over coffee

Make sure you take full advantage of all the great opportunities to make new connections and form new business relationships in the coffee breaks.