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Hilton London Tower Bridge, London

February 2021


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If you missed anything from the TradingTech Summit London which took place on the 25th February 2020, or just want to revisit the topics you can view the presentation slides below.

Regulatory Keynote: EU Regulatory impact on UK trading industry in 2020

David will share views on what trading firms in London can expect in the post-Brexit regulatory space and what’s in store from planned revisions to MiFID II. Will the EU be operating under two different regulatory regimes or will we evolve towards a smooth Equivalence Regime?  What other EU regulatory initiatives are in the pipeline for 2020?

Dr. David P. Doyle
EU Policy Adviser, Financial Services Regulation
EU Policy Director, The Genesis Initiative
Member of the Board of the Kangaroo Group (Brussels)

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Keynote: Adopting and integrating new technologies to create the next generation global front office platform

In today’s global, multi-asset class world, it is an evermore challenging quest to deliver profitable returns in a sustainable and compliant manner. Regulation and competition to derive positive alpha needs new technologies and innovation to enable success for sell and buy side alike.

  • How can the adoption of elastic compute, (“cloud”), data analytics and AI combine to give the ultimate advantage across the five dimensions of performance, cost, security, geography and time.
  • Data is created, processed, transported, stored and used again in many ways. What does the total utility model look like that enables participants with an advantage?

Steve Hewson, Global Head of Product and Technology, Fixnetix

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Keynote: The new race in financial markets infrastructure

  • Deriving insights from trading infrastructure using AI and Machine Learning technologies
  • Lessons learned so far; challenges and effectiveness of applying AI and Machine Learning to real trading operations
  • Expected business benefits from tapping into these data sources

Donal Byrne, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Pico

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Presentation: Cutting-edge technology for performance computing and AI

  • Evolution of performance computing technology within Financial Service Institutions
  • Solving IT system performance and scalability challenges
  • Future trends

Dr Daniel Goodman, Managing Director, Business Systems International (BSI)

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View a selection of photos from this recent event.

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