Agenda Day Two
April 29th

28th - 29th April, 2021


Agenda Day Two: April 29th - Leveraging data management capabilities to drive innovation in regulatory reporting, KYC and client onboarding

14:00 BST/09:00 ET

Opening and Welcome
Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group

14:05 BST/09:05 ET

Keynote: Standing at the intersection of regulatory need and standards development – A standards practitioner’s view

  • How the data standards landscape is evolving and where the opportunities lie
  • How to apply data standards to drive regulatory reporting and compliance 
  • Exploring markets sectors that are ripe for standards innovation

Scott Preiss, Global Head & Managing Director, CUSIP Global Services
Matt Bastian,
Senior Director of Market Development, CUSIP Global Services
Darren Purcell,
Senior Director – EMEA, CUSIP Global Services

14:25 BST/14:25 ET

Panel: Establishing a robust data driven regulatory reporting framework

Capturing, understanding and reporting regulatory requirements is a costly and inefficient exercise complicated by legacy systems, mish mash architectures and inconsistent data quality. In addition, Regulators are starting to take more proactive approaches to collecting monitoring and analysing data for reporting. This session will explore how the industry is responding, the data management challenges and the updates to data architectures and data management processes for improved reporting.

  • Know your data: How to ensure clarity on your golden source data for reporting
  • Proving data lineage
  • Progress around harmonisation and standardisation of data for reporting
  • Ensuring data quality and the role of RegTech
  • Considerations for adopting cloud based infrastructures for improved flexibility and resilience

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Christina Schack, Head of Data Operations & Strategy, Vontobel Asset Management
Sumanda Basu, Director Data Governance & Data Management Technology, Societe Generale
Stewart Pitt, CEO, Allatus
Simon Cole, CEO, hivera
Emma Kalliomaki, Managing Director, Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA)

15:00 BST/10:00 ET

Fireside Chat CDO Interview: How to get your customer data right to support regulatory compliance and a digital customer experience

Allie Harris, VP and Chief Data Officer, Global Banking & Markets, Scotiabank
Interviewed by: Lorraine Waters, Chief Data Officer, Solidatus; Former MD, Global Chief Data Officer, Compliance, HSBC

15:20 BST/10:20 ET

Keynote: How does data management help with beneficial ownership due diligence?

  • Latest regulatory initiatives shaping beneficial ownership due diligence expectations
  • Operational and practical challenges with data management
  • How data and technology can help

Ted Datta, Director, Compliance Solutions, Bureau van Dijk

15:35 BST/10:35 ET

Panel: Best practice data management to support a digitised and streamlined client onboarding and KYC strategy

The practical implementation of a coherent KYC and client onboarding strategy can be challenging – especially in today’s digital and virtual environment, where both banks and their clients are attempting to acclimatise to a whole new way of working.
Data is a crucial cog in this wheel and learning how to source, cleanse and effectively govern operational and onboarding data is a vital step in the digital KYC process, and one that requires a holistic data strategy in order to implement.
This session will explore how to most effectively streamline and improve your client onboarding and KYC processes in order to meet today’s complex regulatory requirements and leverage increasingly pressing commercial imperatives.

  • Evaluate the obstacles to digital onboarding and learn how to address them
  • Investigate the best ways of aggregating and effectively managing your onboarding and operational data
  • Explore the latest developments in onboarding innovation and automation
  • Discover the benefits and cost savings available through streamlined KYC processes
  • Identify best practice and create a path forward

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
Erik Morgan,
Global KYC and Due Diligence Executive
Chor Teh,
Head of Client Lifecycle Management, Investec
Ted Datta, Director, Compliance Solutions, Bureau van Dijk
Aaron Gross, Head of KYC Solutions, Quantexa

16:10 BST/11:10 ET

Data strategy spotlight: Future proofing your data strategy for today’s complex regulatory environment

  • Reviewing the regulatory landscape and regulations causing the biggest data management challenges
  • Approaches to solving these data management problems
  • How new and emerging technologies like AI/ML, business process automation and cloud can help
  • What’s next on the regulatory horizon and how financial institutions can prepare

Moderator:Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Malavika Solanki, 
Member of the Management Team, Derivatives Service Bureau
Kieran Seaward,
Head of Sales, Datactics
Robert Wallos,
Chief Innovation Officer, West Highland
Haider Mannan,
Regulatory Specialist, SIX
Philip Dutton,
Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Solidatus
Stef Nielen, Director of Strategic Business Development, Alveo
James Chen,
Principal Solutions Engineer, Tableau

16:40 BST/11:40 ET

Wrap up and Close
Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group