Agenda Day One
April 28th

April, 2022


Agenda Day One: April 28th - Leveraging data strategy to drive data science, AI and data management for ESG

14:00 BST/09:00 ET

Opening and Welcome
Andrew Delaney,
President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group

14:05 BST/09:05 ET

Practitioner Innovation Keynote: Aligning data and business strategy to drive productivity, AI and revenue optimization

Too often in financial services when the conversation turns to data our focus is on the potential solutions to our data problems and we lose sight of the actual job to be done. This Keynote will focus on how to turn the focus from tools and plans back to outcomes and will describe a use case demonstrating the importance of a data strategy and how to step up and shift to offense:

  • Remembering those questions we used to talk about back when the cool idea was Predictive
  • Documenting a firmwide data strategy and effectively governing your data (which includes AI / ML, clouds and all the tools you need to get that done) to drive insights
  • Ensuring your executive team supports a data driven culture and that it isn’t just a regulatory project
  • Shifting to data strategy for offense – lessons learned so far

Deborah Lorenzen, Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, State Street

14:25 BST/09:25 ET

Panel: Establishing a strong data management foundation for trusted and connected data to drive data science and AI

Rising demand for data analytics and the acceleration in adoption of AI/ML technologies mean there has never been a greater need for accurate and timely data. But with data often spread across silos, in multiple distributed environments and in different formats, the challenge is understanding the data landscape and ensuring accessibility, consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data. This session explores how to establish a strong and trusted data management foundation using the latest tools and techniques.

  • The role of data lineage and governance in sourcing, mapping and managing alternative and unstructured data
  • How to apply AI/ML and data discovery tools to help monitor, automate and discover new data assets, enrich the existing data foundation, connect data silos, manage privacy risk
  • How to ensure high quality and trusted data across the organisation
  • How to pull these disciplines together to drive data science and AI/ML and deliver business results

Moderator: Niresh Rajah, Managing Director, Head of Data, Regulatory Change & RegTech Practice, Grant Thornton
Stan O’Marra,
Investment Data Officer, Invesco
Malavika Solanki,
Member of the Management Team, Derivatives Service Bureau
Robert Wallos,
Chief Innovation Officer, West Highland
Kieran Seaward,
Head of Sales, Datactics

15:00 BST/10:00 ET

Keynote: ESG – Reaching truth and transparency through data that quantifies the community voice

  • Moving beyond flagging a company’s commitment to reach ESG excellence
  • Using social media data to validate company actions when it comes to people, the planet and shared prosperity
  • Comparing a company’s ESG actions against its peers to bring additional insights

Tanya Seajay, CEO and Founder, Orenda Software Solutions

15:15 BST/10:15 ET

Practitioner Innovation Keynote: Delivering the data strategy for ESG at NatWest

NatWest has set out their ambition to be a leading bank in addressing the climate challenge and is committed to driving real change to support the transition to a low carbon economy. Hear from Andy Ruocco who is building the data and technology platform for ESG across all of NatWest divisions and from Sarah Walker on how to leverage established data management principles and what to do differently to ensure your ESG data strategy is successful.

  • Data challenges of ESG
  • Embedding ESG & sustainability across NatWest: understanding and managing transition risks
  • Data opportunities: Leveraging data science/NLP to fill in the gaps
  • Leveraging what we have learnt to improve how we manage and govern our data across the organisation around ESG

Sarah Walker, Head of Data & Analytics – Commercial & NatWest Markets
Andy Ruocco
, Head of Data & Analytics – Climate, NatWest 

15:35 BST/10:35 ET

Panel: ESG Data and reporting challenges – How can we get to more meaningful measures for ESG data to drive standardisation efforts?

We’ve seen a huge increase in ESG interest recently, and it’s become one of the hottest investment trends in the world. But ESG data is messy, complex and lacks the standardisation we are used to in the financial world of data and requires data management teams to think differently and take new approaches to data management to help ensure transparency and trust in the data. This session will examine the evolving landscape, upcoming regulatory developments, key data and reporting challenges and will offer advice and practical guidance for data professionals on the management, governance and delivery of ESG data.

  • Data sources: How should financial institutions manage the challenges around consistency, accuracy, availability of data from different ESG providers, the different methodologies and metrics used?
  • Handling, processing and reporting on non standardised and non financial ESG data
  • How techniques like NLP and ML being leveraged to fill data gaps and provide insight

Moderator: Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Market Data, HSBC Securities Services
Beate Born,
Executive Director, Head of Strategic Projects (IPS), UBS
Stef Nielen,
Director of Strategic Business Development, Alveo
Tanya Seajay,
CEO and Founder, Orenda Software Solutions
Philip Miller,
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Solidatus

16.10 BST/11:10 ET

Data strategy Spotlight: Approaches to driving successful digital transformation with data management

  • Foundational elements of data management required to ensure success
  • Initial requirements for data quality to deliver data transformation
  • Managing risks of digital transformation projects
  • Why cloud is critical
  • Best practice guidance for ensuring successful delivery of digital transformation programmes

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Stewart Pitt, CEO, Allatus
Simon Cole,
CEO, hivera
Malavika Solanki,
Member of the Management Team, Derivatives Service Bureau 

16.40 BST/11:40 ET

Keynote: Driving data & AI innovation for business transformation

The World Economic Forum calls this a time for a great reset.  At Tableau, we believe new opportunities start with data; after all, every digital transformation is a data transformation. With effective use of data, your business can create baselines and benchmarks for your transformation journey. During the closing Keynote, join Mark Scott, Worldwide Director of Data Management of Tableau, as he inspires you to re-imagine your Data Strategy:

  • Discover a different perspective of what “Self Service” analytics means to Tableau business users, improving quality and confidence in data, all while ensuring governance
  • Exploration to empower IT with opportunities with real time analytics, bolstered by AI technology
  • Case studies from Charles Schwab and PWC on how Tableau partnered to find data gaps to close and catapult better business results

Mark Scott, WorldWide Director – Data Management, Tableau
Darren McGurran,
Principal Solutions Engineer, Tableau

17.00 BST/12:00 ET

Wrap up and Close
Andrew Delaney,
President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group


“The virtual Data Management Summit is very helpful resource to keep up with the state of the industry during these challenging times.”

Gene Lyandres, Risk Management, OmniScience Capital