Leveraging data to drive compliance and business insight


29th - 30th September, 2021


Day 1: September 29th

09:00 ET

Opening and Welcome
Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group

09:05 ET

CDO Data strategy conversation: Leveraging data to drive business outcomes and digital transformation

  • Recognising data as a strategic asset and the generating value through data monetisation
  • The critical role of data strategy in driving business strategy and digital transformation programmes
  • Positioning the data function as a value add: How to improve business outcomes with data and common mistakes to avoid

Interview with:
David Wright, Chief Data Officer – Data & Analytics Solutions, BNY Mellon
Paulette Dworzanski, Director of Operational Technology, Edward Jones
Interviewed by: Julia Bardmesser, Senior Vice President, Head of Data Management, Architecture and Salesforce Development, Voya Financial

9:35 ET

Panel: Best practice data management for successful and sustainable cloud deployment

As financial institutions migrate workloads to the cloud new capabilities, processes and controls need to be in place to support the cloud environment. Learn how cloud data management differs from traditional data management, where the challenges lie and how to position your organisation to thrive in the cloud.

  • How to organise your data platform for the hybrid and multi- cloud environment
  • Managing controls and permissioning: How to empower data consumers with self service access whilst ensuring the appropriate controls are in place to manage privacy and security
  • How to integrate new data sources – ESG, unstructured and alternative data sets
  • Managing sensitive data in workflows

Moderator: John Bottega, President, EDM Council
Doris Brophy,
Managing Director, Data Governance & Standards, Societe Generale
Rob Wentz,
Managing Director, KPMG
Matt Good, Chief Technology Evangelist, Kingland
Nathan Wolaver, MD – Americas, Alveo

10:20 ET

Keynote: Building a path to data intelligence

In order to build a trusted brand, organizations must employ a data strategy that transforms compliance initiatives into data intelligence. True data intelligence builds upon compliance, and extends to the people, processes, and technology involved in the use and transformation of data into tangible business value.

In this Keynote, we’ll discuss how organizations can build a path towards data intelligence with a central platform built to:

  • Integrate data privacy and security across a single codebase to enable the re-use of data and existing compliance initiatives for core governance capabilities
  • Leverage AI/ML driven discovery and classification to create an accurate picture of your data fabric with regulatory context
  • Embed policies into your data inventory to control data access, retention, and use based on up-to-date regulatory research

Nick Brandreth, Data Governance Consulting Manager, OneTrust

10:40 ET

Panel: The science of data discovery and the art of implementation for business value

As data volumes continue to rise and financial institutions make more use of cloud environments, there is a need to consider new approaches to data discovery that will help firms not only gain a clear understanding of the data they manage for security, privacy and compliance purposes, but also to connect multiple data sources and to provide data insights that can be used by the business to identify trends and revenue opportunities.

  • Best practice approaches to data discovery
  • The role of data scientists in data discovery and analytics for business value
  • Emerging technologies, solutions, tools and services
  • Where next for business discovery and analytics?

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
Brian Greenberg, Business Enablement Lead for Enterprise Data Management, BNY Mellon
Randy Gordon, Senior Vice President, Global Data Governance Risk Officer, Citi
Linda Coffman,
EVP, SmartStream RDU
Peggy Tsai,
VP, Data Solutions, BigID
Fiona Browne, Head of AI, Datactics

11:25 ET

Panel: E-Commerce Your Data –  Turn your data into successful data products

The recognition of data as a strategic asset is leading to a focus on new revenue opportunities to monetise data.  This can be facilitated by a data marketplace which is a new architecture for enabling data monetisation.  This session will explore how to build a data strategy for monetisation and the considerations for building a data marketplace.

  • How to get started on a data monetisation strategy 
  • Setting up a data marketplace with agile data governance: data controls, ethics, privacy
  • Architectural considerations for establishing a data marketplace
  • Operational and business benefits of a data marketplace

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Nicolas Doyen,
Head of Product,Ticksmith
Andre Craig,
Executive Vice President, CanDeal Data & Analytics
Samantha Campbell,
Chief Executive Officer, Alqami
Rezso Szabo,
Partner, Illuminate Financial

12:20 ET

End of Day One


“One of the more impressive events that I have been to due to the amount of people and the quality of people. A very well put together show!”

Steve Roe, CEO, West Highland