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28 September, 2023



@Ease, 7th Floor, 605 Third Avenue, New York


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Opening & Welcome


Practitioner Keynote Fireside Chat: The potential of Generative AI to transform data management

  • How are AI and ML tools being used to improve data management?
  • What are the risks and limitations of AI tools and how can data professionals safeguard data and ensure AI is used responsibly?
  • What are the ethical standards needed for AI and ML models – and who will set them?
  • How transformative will Generative AI be for the future of data management?

Interview with: Jennifer Ippoliti, Legal Chief Data Officer, JP Morgan Chase
Interviewed by: Peter Serenita, Board Member & Advisor; Former Chief Data Officer


Chief Data Officer Panel: Successful data transformation for long term business value

  • How have the goals of data strategy evolved over the last 10 years and where is the focus now?
  • What are the foundational data requirements needed to derive value from data transformation?
  • How do new technologies such as cloud and AI underpin successful data transformation?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in adopting these technologies and developing new capabilities?
  • What are appropriate value based metrics to demonstrate value and ROI for data transformation projects?

Moderator: Julia Bardmesser, Chair, Technology Advisory Council, Women Leaders in Data & AI (WLDA)
Andrew Foster, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank
Yinghua Michelle Zhou,
Chief Data Officer, Nuveen
JC Lionti, Managing Director & Chief Data Officer – Americas, Mizuho
Elena Alikhachkina, Global Data Analytics & Technology Executive


Keynote: Data Distress – Is the data office on the brink of breakdown?

Hear proprietary research commissioned by Solidatus that surveyed 300 senior data leaders across the UK and the US in the financial services sector on the causes of ‘data distress’:

  • What are some of the causes of data related stress and what is the impact on the business and employee well being?
  • How to address data distress – what actions and priorities can data leaders take?
  • How to develop a strong data and organisational culture to set your organisation on a path for success

Kevin Shannon, Advisor Solutions Engineer, Solidatus

10:40 am

Networking & Refreshment Break 


Keynote: A practical approach to Generative AI

  • What are some of the use cases for Generative AI in financial markets?
  • What are the requirements for building Generative AI capabilities?
  • How can data practitioners set up their cloud and data strategy to support Generative AI?
  • What are the common challenges when setting up in the cloud and how can these be addressed?
  • What steps should data practitioners take to get started on their journey to Generative AI?

Chris Napoli, Industry Principal, Financial Services, Snowflake


Panel: How to capitalize on data migration to the cloud

  • How can financial institutions use the cloud to re-think their data and analytics strategy?
  • Cloud strategy and business alignment: How can data executives articulate cloud strategy in a meaningful way that brings the business along on the cloud journey?
  • What are the design and architecture considerations for building best in class data warehouses?
  • As firms re-architect their data stacks, how are they centralizing data governance and controls in order to mobilize data across the organization efficiently?
  • How can firms achieve real time access to data and analytics across multiple cloud and hybrid environments?
  • What are the benefits and lessons learned from cloud migration so far?

Moderator: John Bottega, President, EDM Council
Prosasty Chaudhuri,
Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, Former Silicon Valley Bank
Avi Berliner,
SVP Data Transformation Program Senior Lead, Citi
Chris Napoli, Industry Principal, Financial Services, Snowflake
Whelan Boyd,
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Patch
Mahesh Narayan,
Institutional Asset Management Segment Head, Arcesium


Panel: How to scale enterprise data quality with AI and ML 

  • What are the current trends in data quality management?
  • How can data profiling combined with AI and ML help manage data quality?
  • How can firms leverage data lineage, visualization and data observability to identify and fix data quality issues?
  • How do AI solutions align with data governance and compliance regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)?
  • How will data quality management evolve over the next 5-10 years?
  • How can strong partnerships with vendors help set a path for success?

Moderator: Predrag Dizdarevic, Partner, Element 22
Thomas Mavroudis,
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Scotiabank
Ray Rincon, Data Quality Lead | Legal Chief Data Office – Legal Solutions, JP Morgan Chase
Arvind Joshi, Head of Data Governance & Analytics, Rockefeller Capital Management
Kieran Seaward, Head of Sales & Business Development, Datactics


Lunch and Networking


Keynote: Journey to data mesh at Northern Trust

  • What are the data requirements for a data mesh approach?
  • How should you set up the people, processes and technology to support a data mesh approach?
  • What are the common pitfalls and how to avoid them?
  • What are the metrics and KPIs to measure success?

Pratima Tripurneni, Vice President, Enterprise Data Delivery, Northern Trust


Panel: The challenges and opportunities of building a data hub to enable data intelligence

  • How should firms address the challenges of aggregating siloed datasets, using common definitions, into consumer-friendly data hubs?
  • When should metadata management, data quality controls, and data ownership be in the source datasets and when should they be in the data hubs?
  • What are the implications of cloud technologies on data usage, data privacy and security when implementing a data hub/data intelligence?
  • How will emerging technologies such as AI impact the way you address the above challenges while creating data hubs?

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Marla Dans, Head of Data Management and Governance, Chicago Trading Company
Dessa Glasser, Independent Board Member,Oppenheimer Holdings Inc.; Principal,The Financial Risk Group
Susan Laine, Global Director of Solutions Strategists/DI Thought Leader, Erwin by Quest
Kevin Shannon, Advisor Solutions Engineer, Solidatus


Panel: How to create an agile data management platform to support compliance, real time risk management and business decision making

  • What are the key components of a data management platform to support compliance, real time risk management and business decison making?
  • What practical steps can firms take to develop and maintain these types of platforms?
  • What progress is being made in developing data models to standardize and aggregate data and how can data standards help?
  • How can firms achieve high quality granular data and ensure data lineage for improved transparency for reporting?
  • What progress is being made harnessing unstructured data and enriching data with external sources for enhanced business, customer and compliance insight?
  • What is the role of cloud in building an agile data management platform and what benefits can it deliver?

Moderator: Dessa Glasser, Independent Board Member, Oppenheimer Holdings Inc.; Principal, The Financial Risk Group
Anurag Minocha, Sr. Managing Director, Head of Regulatory Data Strategy, Webster Bank
Mayank Goel, Vice President, Compliance & Data Risk Manager, MUFG
Emma Kalliomaki, Managing Director, Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB)
Dani Liu, Data Intelligence Product Management Director, Rocket Software 


Networking and Refreshment Break


Keynote: Fast track your data mesh journey
Whelan Boyd, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Patch


Panel: Data Tech Futures – What’s hot and coming next for the data technology industry?

As the data tech landscape continues to evolve, what are the emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of data and how can you prepare?

Hear from practitioners and vendors as they explore the latest tools and technologies to help solve today’s data management challenges!

Moderator: Julia Bardmesser, Chair, Technology Advisory Council, Women Leaders in Data & AI (WLDA)
Marc Alvarez, Managing Director, Head of Data Services, Protego Trust Company
Richard Chudley,
Director, Data Management, Societe Generale
Nicolette Osborn, VP Value Engineering, KX
Mahesh Narayan,
Institutional Asset Management Segment Head, Arcesium
Eliud Polanco,
President, Fluree


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