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Adapting data strategies for today’s new normal environment


29th-30th September, 2020


Virtual Day One - 29th September: Adapting data strategy for today’s new normal and to accelerate digital transformation

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Broadcast live on: September 29th, 10am ET/3pm BST/4pm CET
Practitioner Innovation Keynote: Leveraging disruption as a catalyst for change and digital transformation (15 mins + Q&A)

  • Leading through change: what have we learnt and how that will shape data strategy going forward
  • Leveraging momentum in data and analytics to accelerate digital transformation
  • Evolving capabilities, toolsets and infrastructures to support transformation and working in the new normal
  • Balancing competing needs for priorities and budgets in a challenging economic environment

Julia Bardmesser, SVP, Head of Data, Enterprise Architecture and Salesforce Development, Voya Financial 

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Available on-demand: 29th September
Panel: Approaches to driving successful digital transformation with data management (40 mins)

Financial institutions are ramping up their digital capabilities and the race is on to adopt a digital and cloud based operating model, however this presents significant new risks and data management challenges.

As we emerge post crisis, how can your organisation plan and follow the route to digitalisation, adopting a modern data architecture and utilising AI and Machine learning techniques responsibly along the way?

This session will discuss the practical challenges of digitalisation, how they can be resolved, and the benefits of successful implementation. It will include ‘real world’ experiences of data management practitioners working on digital transformation.

  • How to define and plan digital transformation at your firm
  • Initial requirements for data quality to deliver data transformation
  • Scaling up and migrating to the cloud
  • How to integrate new datasets, AI and Machine learning tools
  • Managing privacy and ethics when moving to digitised processes

Moderator: John Bottega, President, EDM Council
Deborah Lorenzen,
Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, State Street
Brian Greenberg, Director, Data & Analytics, BNY Mellon
Harry Chopra,
Chief Client Officer, AxiomSL
Malavika Solanki,
Member of the Management Team, Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB)
Scott Preiss,
Managing Director, Global Head of CUSIP Global Services, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Available on-demand: 29th September
Panel: Know your customer – how to get your customer data right to support regulatory compliance and a digital customer experience (40 mins)

Now more than ever financial institutions need a 360 view of their customers to make sure they can keep up, stay relevant and deliver personalised products and services. However challenges arise from siloed systems, manual processes, poor entity data quality and the constant pressure of regulatory compliance.

This session will review best practice approaches to getting your customer data in order and the capabilities, tools and technologies required to support and enable a digital customer experience.

  • Defining client data golden sources
  • Improving entity data quality management and leveraging standards to manage compliance
  • Improving inefficiencies around matching data points (CDD) using automation
  • Maintaining and monitoring capabilities to ensure data accuracy over time
  • The impact of unstructured data and leveraging AI and NLP for insights

Moderator: Dessa Glasser, Independent Board Member, Oppenheimer Holdings Inc; Principal, FRG
Donna Rudnicki, Managing Director, Capital Markets Data Strategy & AML Program Delivery Executive, RBC Capital Markets
Allie Harris,
VP and Chief Data Officer, Scotiabank
Bill Hauserman,
Senior Director, Compliance Solutions, Bureau van Dijk

Virtual Day two - 30th September: Best practices for data driven strategies in today’s new normal environment

Broadcast live on: September 30th, 10am ET/3pm BST/4pm CET
Practitioner Keynote: How to establish data quality for analytics (15 mins + Q&A)

  • Considerations for setting up a data quality framework and how to set this up
  • How to fix data quality problems
  • Using new technologies to help measure data quality

Arvind Joshi, Director, Data Management, Scotiabank

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Available on-demand: 30th September
Panel: Laying the data foundations for creating reusable enterprise data assets (40 mins)

Recent events have fuelled demand for data analytics and there has never been a greater need for accurate and timely data. But with data often spread across silos, in multiple distributed environments and in different formats, the challenge is understanding the data landscape and ensuring accessibility, consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data.

This session will explore the challenges associated with getting data into the hands of those that need it and will explore approaches to data governance and data quality issues, to make the process of using and sharing data, as frictionless as possible.

  • Managing the challenges of connecting data across silos to create a complete view of the data landscape: how can new tools and data standards help?
  • How to improve and sustain business data ownership and accountability and roll this out enterprise wide
  • Garbage in, garbage out – challenges around getting to ‘trusted sources of data’ and one source of truth for data quality
  • Managing data remediation and errors to ensure consistency
  • Leveraging metadata management and data lineage to gain insights

Moderator: Predrag Dizdarevic, Partner, Element 22
Sumanda Basu,
Director, Data Governance & Data Management Technology, Societe Generale
Laura Hahn,
Director, Enterprise Data Management, TD Ameritrade
Peggy Tsai,
VP of Data Solutions, BigID
Stuart Harvey,
CEO, Datactics
Representative from SIX

Available on-demand, 30th September
Keynote: Datactics (15 mins + Q&A)

New! Data operations and workflow for the buy side

Available on-demand, 30th September
Panel: Migrating to the cloud and adopting managed data services or data-as-a-service, to support your digital journey (40 mins)

Migrating to the cloud and adopting cloud technologies is a fundamental enabler to innovation and as financial institutions look to streamline their data operations, cloud technologies can provide simplified data management in a cost efficient way.    

This session will review considerations for a successful cloud migration strategy; why and when you should adopt managed data services, or data-as-a-service and how these can support the development of new data products and faster decision making.

  • Challenges of managing a multi-cloud strategy
  • Managing cloud data governance and access controls to uphold data privacy and security
  • Why and when you should adopt managed data services and laying the groundwork for successful partnerships
  • Cost benefits and efficiencies from using these types of services

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Duncan Cooper,
Head of Data Products Strategy, HSBC Securities Services
Praveen Reddy,
VP, Enterprise Information & Technology Architecture, Voya Financial
Steven Roe,
CEO, West Highland Support Services, Inc.
Nathan Wolaver,
MD, Americas, Asset Control
Representative from Charles River Development (CRD)

Available on-demand, 30th September
Panel: The next frontier – Data management for ESG and Sustainable investing (40 mins)

ESG investing is on the rise but the data is facing scrutiny both from investors and regulators. As investor demand for more ESG clarity grows, what should data professionals be doing to embed data driven processes to improve transparency and to present the data in an organised way for investors?

  • Data sources and improving standardisation
  • Industry consensus for developing a common methodology
  • Reconciling data gaps and deficiencies
  • Using AI and analytics to measure and present ESG data

Moderator: Lauren McAughtry, Editor, A-Team Group
Suvrat Bansal,
Chief Data Officer, UBS Asset Management
Chris Johnson,
Senior Product Manager, Market Data, HSBC Securities Services
Rachel Segal,
ESG Analyst, Pzena Investment Management 

* This Virtual Summit agenda is subject to change without notice

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