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etc.venues St Paul’s London

21st March 2019


Interviews & Podcasts


OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Gary Goldberg, Chief Data Officer, Mizuho International See Presentation

Thomson Reuters Keynote – Above the Cloud: A perspective on industry trends See Presentation

SmartStream RDU Keynote: MiFID II: Building solid foundations See Presentation

Showcase 1: Features Analytics See Presentation

Showcase 2: The Investment Data Utility See Presentation

Showcase 3: The Cyber Consultants See Presentation

Keynote case study: Machine learning for trade anomaly detection See Presentation

Presentation: The potential and promise of AI See Presentation

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Datactics Details 2019 Plans Including Public Cloud Solutions, a Sanctions Matching Engine and a Data Quality Clinic

Datactics has made plans for 2019 that will move selected solutions into the public cloud, extend implementation of innovative technologies, create a data quality clinic, and add a matching engine for sanctions screening to its open data projects. The company is also working with clients on data-quality-as-a-service. The company’s commitment to cloud technology, initially private…

Alternative Data: Application and Best Practices for Investment Management Firms

Knowledge is money in capital markets and alternative data is fast becoming part of that knowledge, but it is not always easy to source, evaluate, integrate and use to best effect. The data may be incomplete, unstructured, include data that isn’t permitted for redistribution under privacy laws, and have limited or no archive available for…

Data lineage has become a critical concern for data managers in capital markets as it is key to both regulatory compliance and business opportunity. The regulatory requirement for data lineage kicked in with BCBS 239 in 2016 and has since been extended to many other regulations that oblige firms to provide transparency and a data…

Recorded Webinar: Data governance frameworks

You can listen to the recording of this webinar by registering on this page. Data governance – now more than ever – is critical to regulatory compliance, smart business decisions, risk management and cost efficiency. It is also one of the biggest challenges that firms face – and failing to get it right can result…