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etc.venues St Paul’s London

21st March 2019


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Presentation:  Releasing the full potential of your data with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
Jacobus Geluk,
 Former Head of Enterprise Knowledge Graph Architecture team, Senior Director/Fellow Architect, BNY Mellon; Founder & CTO,
Jeremy Posner
, Principal Consultant,

  •  Why data is more valuable when semantically connected
  • The transformative power of an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  • Building up maturity, one deliverable at a time
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Afternoon Keynote: Creating a data ethics framework to build trust in the age of AI
Lorraine Waters
, Chief Data Officer, Financial Crime Risk, HSBC

Traditional data governance needs to evolve to keep up with the pace of technology and rules on privacy and consent.  Having a data ethics framework and set of standards in place to ensure data is protected whilst not stifling data innovation initiatives, is becoming critical to data strategy.  Lorraine will share practical insight into how to set up a data ethics framework based on her work at HSBC.

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Practitioner Innovation Keynote: Data driven transformation
Peter Jackson
, Director – Group Data Sciences, Legal & General 

Hear from Peter Jackson who will share his experiences of transforming data related IT infrastructure and processes and will demonstrate how he has turned data into an asset, monetised data and commercialised it for revenue generating purposes.  Peter will share lessons learned and recommended best practices.

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Keynote: Data Management – Why is it all so difficult?
Peter Moss
, CEO, SmartStream RDU

  • The financial industry spends USD 28.5 Billion on externally sourced market data
  • It spends a further USD 2-3 Billion cleaning the data up, so that it is usable internally
  • Why is it so difficult?
  • What can the industry do about it?
  • What can you do to help your firm?
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