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June, 2025



Hilton Canary Wharf, London

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Opening & Welcome
Andrew Delaney
, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group

Part I: The growing capital markets appetite for AI


Opening Keynote: The evolution of AI and how to generate value from your investment

  • What are the current trends in AI and how can Generative AI deliver results over traditional AI?
  • How should you get started and identify the high value use cases in your organisation?
  • How to manage expectations and concerns of key stakeholders and senior management?
  • What are the metrics to measure value?
  • What does good look like?

Edward J. Achtner, Office of Applied Artificial Intelligence, HSBC


Panel: Practicalities of implementing Gen AI  in capital markets: risks, challenges and opportunities

  • How is uptake by financial institutions evolving and what types of use-cases are proving receptive to Gen AI?
  • What are the regulatory developments around Gen AI and how are firms addressing the wider issues of ethics, governance and privacy?
  • What are the risks of Gen AI and how do they differ for Gen AI and LLMs?
  • What are the foundational investments for successful AI deployment?
  • What are the workforce and talent requirements and how can firms foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning for Gen AI?

Moderator: Nicola Poole, Former Global Head of New Client Onboarding, Citi
Fatima Abukar, Data, Algorithms and AI Ethics Lead, Financial Conduct Authority
Dara Sosulski, Head of AI & Model Management Markets and Securities Services, HSBC
Dr. Paul Dongha, Group  Head of Data and AI Ethics, Lloyds Banking Group
Nathan Marlor, Head of Data and AI, Version 1
Vahe Andonians, 
Founder, CPO and CTO, Cognaize


Keynote Fireside Chat: Opportunities and challenges in harnessing AI in Asset Management

  • Why should you consider being an early adopter in AI?
  • How important is it to align with your peers in adopting AI technologies?
  • What steps can you take to stay informed about industry-specific developments in AI?
  • Why is it essential to plan your AI ‘roadmap’ for 2024 and beyond?

Interview with: Theo Bell, Head of AI Product, Rimes
Interviewed by: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group


Morning Break and Sponsor Networking

Part II: Foundational Technologies for deploying AI


Panel: Hosting AI applications in cloud and hybrid environments

  • How is cloud adding value to AI deployments and enabling firms to scale operations?
  • What progress are firms making in modernising data infrastructure to unify data across data types and silos?
  • What are the considerations for hosting and managing AI applications between cloud and on-premise?
  • Evaluating value and ROI: Does moving to the cloud save money and what metrics are useful for proving value?

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
Nirav Shah
, Senior Executive Director/Head of ESG & Quant Technology, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Anvar Karimson, 
Chief Technology Officer, Kepler Cheuvreux
Prasad Shinde,  Lead Specialist – EMEA, KX



Keynote: Fuelling frontier AI in capital markets: Trade ideation, execution and risk management.

  • How are Capital Markets evolving with advanced data analytics and AI?
  • How can investment professionals maximize their data assets?
  • What are the practical, high-impact use cases of Generative AI in front office operations?
  • How is alpha generation, trade execution, and risk management being transformed by AI?
  • How do top-tier technologies empower Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Banks?
  • How can financial entities thrive in complex markets through data-driven decisions?

Prasad Shinde, Lead Specialist – EMEA, KX 


Panel: How to build a strong data foundation for responsible AI

  • What are the best approaches for aligning AI and data strategy with business requirements?
  • What are the foundational data requirements needed for successful AI?
  • How can AI and Machine Learning help improve data quality and readiness?
  • What are the data governance and controls needed for creating reliable models?
  • How can firms build a robust framework to ensure responsible use of AI and a positive approach to data privacy and ethics?

Moderator: Reena Raichura, Founder, Finergise
Tim Mace, Managing Director, Head of Data and Machine Learning, Man Group
Ben Clinch,
Principal Enterprise Architect – Information Architecture & Data Governance, BT Digital and Tony Seale, Knowledge Graph Engineer, Former Tier 1 Bank
Theo Bell, Head of AI Product, Rimes


Lunch and Sponsor Networking


Case Study: The reality of implementing AI

  • Navigating the AI landscape: when should humans be in the loop?
  • AI versus engineering: who wins in the battle of innovation?
  • Decoding the future: what’s the likely roadmap for AI in Capital Markets?

Haroon Hassan, CEO, Sense Street


Fireside Chat: Regulatory developments in AI with a focus on the EU AI Act: how should firms prepare?

  • What does the AI regulatory landscape look like and what are the key AI regulations for capital markets firms?
  • What is the scope and focus of the EU AI Act?
  • How should firms prepare and set up their risk and governance frameworks?

Dr. David P. Doyle, EU Policy Adviser, Financial Services Regulation, Brussels/Paris
Que-Phuong Dufournet
, European Financial Data Space Expert Group Member


Presentation: Model risk management – how should firms test, validate and manage model performance for AI

  • What are the guiding principles, regulations, and framework for managing model risk in AI?
  • How can we ensure the explainability of AI models
  • What methods are used for validating a machine learning model?
  • How do we test and measure the performance of a Gen AI application model?

Harsh Prasad, Senior Quantitative Researcher – AI/ML


Afternoon Break and Networking with Sponsors


Part III: Practical applications and use cases of AI across front, middle and back office


Hear real world applications of AI and how it is being applied for efficiencies and business value.

Chaired by: Reena Raichura, Founder, Finergise



Problem solving case study #1
AI Testing of a Trading platform: test data generation, report interpretation and model reinforcement

  • How does Exactpro’s AI Testing approach utilize a discriminative model for the selection and annotation of diverse E2E scenarios in exchange infrastructure testing?
  • In what ways does early testing contribute to the effectiveness and resilience of fintech infrastructures?
  • What strategies are employed to address explainability and compliance requirements in the context of testing Order Entry, Market Data, and Matching Engine software?

Iosif Itkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Exactpro


Problem solving case study #2
Accelerating financial software runtime using GenAI-powered code optimisation tools

  • How can the practical application of GenAI-powered tools be used in real-world scenarios to improve software performance?
  • How can AI be applied to LLMs for identifying and optimising inefficient code segments?
  • What are the implications of these performance improvements for financial systems and markets relying on QuantLib?

    Dr Leslie Kanthan.
    CEO and Co-Founder, Turin Tech AI

Problem solving case study # 3

Revolutionizing Financial Analytics with AI-Generated Human Readable Insights

  • How can AI-driven platforms personalize financial analysis to increase market engagement and participation?
  • What are the cost and efficiency benefits of using AI for generating human readable analytics compared to traditional manual methods?
  • In what ways can AI enable firms to deliver on-demand, event-driven, and scheduled analysis across various data types and investment portfolios?

Andy Simpson, CEO, SIGMA Financial AI


FIX Community Update – AI workshop

Jim Kaye, Executive Director, FIX Trading Community


Panel: Moving forward with Gen AI and Large Language Models – strategies, solutions, tools and techniques to get ahead of the game

  • Where are Generative AI and LLMs adding the most value?
  • How are firms building business cases and getting executive support for Generative AI and LLMs?
  • What sort of strategies should firms put in place to move towards next-generation Gen AI?
  • What are the remaining and future challenges of implementing and using Gen AI and LLMs?
  • What types of solutions, tools and techniques will help firms get ahead of the game?

Moderator: Dara Sosulski, Head of AI & Model Management, Markets & Securities Services, HSBC
Prajwal Shreyas, GenAI/ML Senior Manager, Santander UK
David More, Senior Data Science Manager, Chief Data and Analytics Office, Lloyds Banking Group
Justin Xu PhD, CQF, FRM, IMC, Managing Director, Group Head of Risk, Millennium Global Investments Ltd
Jon Hill, Chief Data Scientist, Commodities, Macquarie
Haroon Hassan, CEO, Sense Street


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Agenda subject to change 

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