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TradingTech Briefing New York: Examining the Latest in Trading Technology

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The TradingTech Briefing New York, an eagerly awaited event in the financial technology space, is scheduled for the afternoon of 8th June 2023 at Meet Hospitality, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York. The event will bring together a diverse group of thought leaders, technology innovators, and industry insiders to discuss the cutting-edge trends and challenges in trading technology. With an afternoon full of enlightening keynote talks, fireside chats, insightful panel discussions and networking opportunities, the TradingTech Briefing New York promises to be a significant occasion for all interested in the fast-paced world of trading technology.

The afternoon will commence with an opening and welcome from Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer of the A-Team Group, which will be followed by an expert panel focusing on modernising trading platforms, featuring Nikhil Singhvi from Credit Suisse, Kevin Sweeney from Fidelity Investments, Mike Powell from Rapid Addition, and a representative from KX. They will delve into such pressing topics as interoperability, the growth in outsourced trading operations and how the vendor-client landscape is evolving.

There will then be a fireside chat with Mike Powell, who will discuss the changing attitudes towards cloud adoption in capital markets. Mike will provide insights into the perceived challenges and obstacles to cloud adoption and will look at where cloud is gaining traction in the trading sphere. “While we are seeing growing adoption of cloud across capital markets, opinions remain divided regarding its potential benefits to electronic trading,” says Powell. “This is not surprising given the varying performance characteristics of different asset classes and components of end-to-end trading workflow. It’s certainly not a case of one size fits all and despite increasing traction in this space, many remain sceptical. Nevertheless, cloud is an increasingly important infrastructure option for CTOs at trading firms and liquidity venues.”

Following that discussion, there will be a panel session on balancing performance and agility with resilience and reliability across trading systems infrastructure. Experts from Credit Suisse, BMO Capital Markets, and Synechron Consulting will provide share their experience and expertise around addressing the resilience and reliability challenges when scaling trading platforms at speed and will look at how security concerns can best be managed.

“One characteristic of trading platforms is that they often need to be extremely agile and responsive to market changes,” says David Winig, an SME Trading Technology Executive who will be joining the panel. “This same characteristic is also needed to address security concerns as they arise. The challenge is finding ways to address both with the same technology stack.” He continues: “Performance and Reliability are often thought of as inverse measures where you must sacrifice one for the other. I often find myself asking whether I should spend the effort to improve the performance of 99.99% of the flow or focus on improving the resiliency of the platform on the .01% use case. The answer gets clearer when you calculate the revenue gain vs revenue loss in those scenarios.”

After a well-deserved networking and refreshment break, Michele Hillery, General Manager of Equity Clearing & DTC Settlement Service at DTCC, will deliver a keynote on preparing for T+1 SEC settlement, which is becoming increasingly urgent with less than a year to go to implement the necessary changes. “The U.S move to T+1 on May 28, 2024, will bring many benefits including reduced risk, lowered clearing fund requirements, improved capital and liquidity utilization and increased operational efficiency,” says Hillery. “With just a year left to prepare, the time is now for firms to assess the operational impact of an accelerated cycle and how increased automation can enable efficiency and compliance.”

The next panel session will explore innovation and digitization with low code and no code trading platforms and tools, featuring speakers from JP Morgan, Nasdaq, and Connectifi. “No/low code systems accelerate app creation, though with the downside risk of greater fragmentation of information, workflow, and user attention,” says Nick Kolba, CEO of Connectifi and Co-Creator of FDC3. “FDC3 can mitigate these risks and enable a virtuous circle with no/low-code app generation by providing a solution for the orchestration, discovery, and re-use of data and functions between apps across any number of systems and tech stacks.”

The day will round out with a panel discussion featuring industry leaders from Deutsche Bank, Google, and T. Rowe Price, on the potential of Generative AI to transform and disrupt trading. Panellists will look at the use of large language models (LLMs) in trading, discussing data quality/availability, model interpretability and potential biases, as well as regulatory and ethical concerns around AI systems.

“Large language models and multi-modal models open a host of opportunities via few-shot or zero-shot learning where training data is limited,” says Keyvan Azami, Enterprise AI Engineering Lead at Google. “The barrier to exploration and prototyping has been lowered, which allows product and engineering teams to develop more of an intuition for what these models are capable of. Of course, there are limitations and risks that should be taken into account when developing AI-powered solutions using LLMs.”

The event will conclude with a networking drinks reception and the TradingTech Insight USA Award Winners Ceremony, celebrating the leading lights in the trading technology sector.

In summary, the TradingTech Briefing New York is an event not to be overlooked. So, mark your calendars for the 8th of June 2023, and join us for an engaging afternoon and evening of dialogue, debate, and networking at Meet Hospitality, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York by registering here.

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