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Market Abuse Regulation and How Not to Fall Foul of the Rules

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The messy collapse of once revered construction and professional services multinational Carillion in 2018 not only shook the City of London, but also offered powerful insight into authorities’ determination to stamp out market abuse. While the £845 million hole Carillion reported in its accounts was stunning, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) response was just as breathtaking; had the company not already collapsed, the FCA would have imposed a £38 million fine for its abuse of UK markets.

In a world of rocky economies, deepening geopolitical tensions and growing use of international sanctions, the potential for bad actors to seek an advantage through market manipulation is heightened. Governments have responded by handing financial overseers considerable powers to stamp out miscreants in the form of market abuse regulations.

The breadth and complexity of these regulations, however, have imposed huge compliance obligations on financial institutions – obligations many are struggling to meet.

Webinar series – Expert speakers

In a series of webinars, A-Team Group will tackle the thorny questions of what financial institutions and individuals can do to make sure they comply with these tough – and expanding – sets of laws.

A host of experts in the field – from regulators and legal experts to RegTech managers and business leaders – will discuss what EU and UK Market Abuse Regulation expect of financial firms and offer guidance on how to put in place fundamental compliance processes.

In the first of this special edition of webinars, Katharine Leaman, managing director of Leaman Crellin Limited, will look at the latest and most important trends to watch out for in 2023.

The event, scheduled for 2 March 2023, at 10am ET/3pm GMT/4pm CET, will look at the key areas of regulatory concern likely to emerge in the coming months, and examine how abuse is being investigated and prosecuted, with reference to specific cases. It will also examine how Market Abuse Regulation is affecting corporates and individuals.

A second webinar, at the same times on 28 March 2023, will consider how to detect and analyse abusive market transactions. Preparedness is the best form of compliance and A-Team has lined up a potent array of experts to advise on the best ways for financial institutions and individuals to vouchsafe their compliance.

Webinar speakers will comprise Jamie Bell, head of secondary market oversight at the FCA; Katharine Harle, partner at Dentons UKIME; Karyn Harty, head of litigation at Dentons; and Francisco Merlos, RegTech product manager at SIX. Among a range of topics, they will look at typical scenarios of abuse, the risks and challenges that MAR presents, approaches to compliance and the technology and tools that will be needed to avoid censure.

Deeper Understanding

As well as providing actionable intel on best practice approaches to MAR, the webinars will present information on how to upgrade your MAR compliance skills using the latest A-Team training programme.

The Market Abuse Fundamentals Course, led by Leaman Crellin’s Katharine Leaman, will comprise three teaching modules each conducted interactively, on-demand during 2.5-hour sessions. By immersing participants in realistic scenarios, this course will provide participants with a strong understanding of the requirements of MAR and empower them with the skills necessary to confidently know how to avoid regulatory action.

Further Options: Webinars for Market Abuse Regulations

As you are interested in the topic of Market Abuse Regulations, you might like to sign up for our upcoming webinar “Market Abuse Regulation: How to Detect and Analyse Abusive Market Transactions”.

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