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Colt Completes Proof of Concept for Multicast Data in the Cloud

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In a further indication of the industry’s interest in finding ways to utilise the cloud for distribution of market data, connectivity and colocation provider Colt Technology Services has announced the successful completion of a cloud colocation Proof of Concept (PoC), demonstrating the viability of hosting and distributing multicast data in the cloud.

According to the company, this testing brings capital markets firms closer to leveraging the benefits of cloud, such as on-demand services and automation for real-time market data and trading applications.

Multicast has been something of a sticking point for market data distribution via the cloud, but an increasing number of projects are now under way to address the challenges. For this PoC, Colt worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build virtual distribution Points of Presence (PoPs) in the AWS Cloud, enabling customers to lift and shift applications into the cloud without the need for any physical infrastructure, significantly reducing service delivery SLAs from weeks or months to just days.

“Capital Market customers across the globe have increasingly been looking to the cloud to drive their digital transformations, but until now they have been limited by the inability of Cloud Service Providers to facilitate multicast,” said Arthur Rank, Global Director, Capital Market Solutions for Colt. “The success of this PoC presents a huge opportunity for Capital Markets to move as many workloads into the cloud as possible and truly leverage the flexibility, agility and speed of the cloud.”

He added: “Colt has long been the leading connectivity provider for global Capital Markets and this ground-breaking PoC demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative, market-leading services to the global market.”

At this stage, Colt has not made public any details of the workloads that were tested, or the performance achieved in terms of throughput and latency.

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