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Recorded Webinar: Market data in the cloud

8 December 2022

Over the past several years, the topic of market data in the cloud has been hotly debated – latency has been an issue, which data to put in the cloud has been discussed, and lines have been drawn. But where are we now, and how have the lines been redrawn?

This webinar will consider progress in moving market data to cloud, challenges and opportunities along the way, and the potential of accessing near real-time data from a cloud environment. It will also consider the practicalities, costs and efficiencies of migrating market data to cloud, and the roles of exchanges, data vendors and consumers. Finally, it will review case studies that identify where lines are now drawn between market data in cloud and on premise.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • The state of play on market data in cloud
  • Challenges of migration and integration
  • Drawing the line between cloud and on premise
  • Practical steps to a sustainable solution
  • Collaboration with market data vendors
  • Case studies of effective migrations


David Winig Global Head of Rates eTrading Technology
Bank of America
Tim Wheeler Director - Data Platforms
CME Group
Luke O’Sullivan Senior Product Manager - Real-Time Delivery
Moderator: Mike O’Hara Contributing Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Tim Wheeler

Director - Data Platforms

CME Group

Tim oversees a suite of cloud delivery products for real-time and historical market data at CME Group. With more than 16 years of expertise in financial services, trading and technology, he has extensive experience in delivering data products using cloud technologies. Before joining CME Group in 2017, Tim held various roles in the FX options and OTC space, having most recently served as a Product Manager at a trading software company in Chicago.

Luke O’Sullivan

Senior Product Manager - Real-Time Delivery


Luke is one of the Product Managers in the Real-Time Distribution team. Since October 2022 Luke has been responsible for Refinitiv Real-Time – Optimized, which is Refinitiv’s strategic datafeed product for traffic managed real-time data. Real-Time – Optimized infra is delivered from Amazon AWS to our financial services customers, whether they be on-prem or in-cloud. Previous to that Luke has been in various roles across Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters and Reuters since 1999.

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