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Talend Simplifies Integration with New Talend ESB Studio and Talend ESB Enterprise Edition for Data Services

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced the availability of Talend ESB Studio Standard Edition (SE) and Talend ESB Enterprise Edition (EE) for Data Services to accelerate the development, deployment and management of enterprise-class production environments with easy-to-use tools for development and operations teams.

Talend continues to democratise the integration market by making technologies easier to use by non-specialists. Talend has accomplished this objective by offering an intuitive and powerful graphical environment for developers and application teams alike to design, configure, deploy and manage their integration infrastructure.

Talend ESB Studio Standard Edition
Talend ESB Studio SE is a companion graphical user interface (GUI) for Talend’s open source ESB products, which is used by developers to quickly build integration processes. Users can simply drag-and-drop basic integration components and connectors onto a graphical workspace, draw connections and relationships between them, and set specific properties. This approach allows developers to simulate messaging routes from within the Talend ESB Studio SE and observe the execution flow, providing statistics on each aspect of the route that is executed for each message. By providing a functional view of the actual integration processes, Talend ESB Studio SE significantly increases developer productivity, freeing users to focus on more complex tasks.

Talend ESB Studio SE also contains the Talend ESB Route Builder for the design of integration solutions based on Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) – a standard set of integration templates used to address standard integration needs. Built for use with the Apache Camel project as well as Talend ESB products, the Talend ESB Route Builder allows users to drag-and-drop EIPs onto a palette and configure them, eliminating the need to write code or use a domain specific language (DSL). Visibility into live statistics of message flow activity within a specific EIP enables rapid prototyping for developers, dramatically reducing development and testing cycles. Together these major ease-of-use enhancements help simplify the task of using an ESB to address any integration challenge a developer may face.

Talend ESB Enterprise Edition for Data Services
Talend ESB Enterprise Edition (EE) for Data Services is a reliable and scalable enterprise service bus (ESB) that allows development teams to holistically address integration projects – combining application integration and data management for complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Talend ESB EE for Data Services frees data management processes that are traditionally bound to specific applications by abstracting them as standards-based services that can be reused by other applications. The reuse of data services across multiple applications maximises the value of initial investments in standalone data integration solutions.

Talend ESB EE for Data Services includes:

  • Talend ESB Studio Enterprise Edition (EE), an innovative, Eclipse-based tooling environment for modelling, configuring, deploying and managing data services based on the Talend Open Studio user interface. Talend ESB Studio EE includes all of the features of the Standard Edition version and also offers a Shared Repository feature that enables ESB development and operations artefacts to be stored and shared among a team of developers or administrators, further facilitating best practices and collaboration in their integration projects.
  • Talend Administration Centre, a graphical console that facilitates administration of production integration environments by providing service activity monitoring and service locator capabilities. Talend Administration Centre allows users to monitor service and data service events, through a single console. It also delivers a high-level view from which users can drill-down into individual service statistics, to perform in-depth analysis of inter-process service activity – including service response times, traffic patterns, auditing and more.
  • Talend Data Service Builder, allowing users to effortlessly combine data integration with a Web service using a graphical palette of components and connectors. Users can leverage a WSDL-first approach to integration to efficiently deploy multiple data services behind a single interface on a common ESB runtime. Based on the industry’s leading open source data integration tool, Talend Open Studio, Talend Data Service Builder provides access to a library of over 500 connectors and components supporting all types of sources and targets for data integration, migration or synchronisation.

“With the release of Talend ESB EE for Data Services and Talend ESB Studio, we’re continuing to raise the bar with regards to ease-of-use and the democratisation of the ESB,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief operating officer, Talend. “Our solutions are enabling enterprises to better integrate and collaborate with multiple product environments, development teams and administrators for a more productive application and data integration experience.”

Talend ESB Studio Standard Edition and Talend ESB Enterprise Edition for Data Services are available immediately. Talend ESB Studio Standard Edition is offered under a GPL license and can be downloaded at…. Talend ESB Enterprise Edition for Data Services is offered under commercial subscription license.

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