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June, 2025



Meet Hospitality, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York

2024 Agenda


Registration and Sponsor Networking


Opening and Welcome
Lorna Van Zyl, Head of Event Content, A-Team Group


Opening Keynote Fireside Chat: Modernizing front to back trading tech

  • What are the pain points trading firms are facing when modernizing front to back trading tech?
  • When looking to use technology to innovate, or differentiate your offering, what are the key factors for success?
  • How are fundamental shifts such as AI, digital ledgers, and the move to T+1 affecting technology strategy?
  • How do you decide which technology suppliers to partner with?
  • What will the future of capital markets technology look like?

Interview with: Kim Prado, CIO, US Capital Markets, Head of Investment & Corporate Banking and Office of the COO, BMO Capital Markets; Board Member, FINOS
Interviewed by: Kathryn Zhao, Global Head of Electronic Trading, Cantor Fitzgerald


Panel: Best practice approaches for modernizing the trading technology stack

  • What does the trajectory look like for buy vs. build vs. buy AND build?
  • Managing the cost of legacy: What are the effective strategies and approaches for decommissioning legacy systems and running legacy alongside new tech?
  • What are today’s best practices for integrating and managing market data services, particularly with increasing consumption for data sources like alternative data?
  • Cloud is playing an ever increasing role in the trading environment  – how do you see this playing out and what are the best ways to keep up with operational resiliency requirements?
  • Looking ahead, what impact will AI have on trading tech modernisation and where do the opportunities lie?

Moderator: Jason England, Director Infrastructure Engineering, BMO Capital Markets
Habib R. Shaikh
, Executive Director – High Performance Electronic Trading Infrastructure, UBS
Kevin Sweeney, Head of Product Management Strategy, Planning & Operations, FCAT; President of Digital Brokerage Services Broker-Dealer; Fidelity Investments
Prerak Sanghvi, Vice President, Engineering, Clear Street
Jon Butler, CEO, Velox
Himanshu Gupta,
Solutions Architect, Solace


Keynote Fireside Chat: Navigating the complexity of communications surveillance

  • Navigating the complexity of communications surveillance
  • Regulatory and business drivers impacting communications surveillance
  • Challenges and obstacles in the trader’s workflow for effective surveillance and how to address these
  • What the future vision will look like and how we get there

Interview with: Paul Liesching, Chief Revenue Officer, 1GLOBAL
Interviewed by: Adrian Sharp, Editor, A-Team Group


Panel: Driving trading innovation and digitisation with interoperability and low code no code technologies

  • What are the technical drivers for adopting interoperable solutions and low code or no code trading tools?
  • What are the key success factors for building agile and interoperable trading platforms?
  • How do firms create the right culture for innovation and FinTech partnerships to deliver change?
  • How can technologies like APIs, microservices, containers, cloud, AI, DLT, open up opportunities for innovation in trading infrastructure?
  • What progress are firms making in adopting these platforms and technologies to create a better user experience?
  • What are the business benefits of adopting interoperable solutions and low code or no code trading tools?

Moderator: Adrian Sharp, Editor, A-Team Group
Ajay Mehta
, Head of Connect Platform, JP Morgan Chase
Dan Schleifer
, President and Co-Founder,
Steve Schiff,
Vice President – Index Technology, Nasdaq
Jon Butler,
CEO, Velox 


Afternoon Break and Networking with Sponsors


Keynote: A consultants’ travelogue of technology decision making

This talk explores some recent observations from real world projects in the finance industry. Lab49 works with all different types of financial institutions, trading firms, and fintech startups. While every client is unique, there are many common themes that can help shape an approach to undertaking new project development projects.

Brian McAllister,
Interactive Practice Head, Lab49


Panel: Navigating data challenges – best practice approaches for risk monitoring and surveillance across all trading platforms and venues

  • What are some of the lessons learned out of recent regulatory enforcement actions on trade and comms surveillance?
  • How are firms keeping up with the increased number of trading venues and subsequent data coverage needed for surveillance programs?
  • What are the key challenges in obtaining high quality and accurate data from internal and external sources for depth and data completeness?
  • How should firms think about implementing defensive measures to ensure that any data dependencies their control and surveillance programs need to operate correctly do not go missing, incomplete, or interrupted in a way that could otherwise compromise their control effectiveness?
  • Summing up, what are the best practice approaches for managing trade and communications surveillance to ensure comprehensive surveillance across all trading platforms and venues?

Moderator: Adrian Sharp, Editor, A-Team Group
Stan Yakoff, RegTech Advisor and Law Professor
Konstantinos Rizakos, Managing Director, Compliance Engineering, Goldman Sachs
Siobhan Thompson, Global Head of Sales, 1Global Compliance
Priya Roy,
Partner, Optima Partners 


Panel: The promise and potential of AI and Machine Learning in trading research and analytics

  • How can data be better aggregated to improve automation on the trading desk?
  • Data as a differentiator: How are firms using alternative data sources, AI and Machine learning techniques for data insight?
  • How can firms successfully integrate AI and ML tools into trading workflows?
  • How will trading analytics continue to improve the evolving trader’s workflow?
  • What are the potential and benefits of Generative AI and LLMs? How disruptive could this be for trading?

Moderator: Eric Karpman, SME in Trading Technology & Electronic Trading
Iro Tasitsiomi
, Head of Investments Data Science, T. Rowe Price
Simon Cohen
, Executive Director, Trading Analytics, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Yvonne Caravia,
Global Head of Product, Lab49


Networking Drinks & TradingTech Insight USA Awards Ceremony


Join us for ‘Brits on the Streets’ at Connelly’s Pub, 121 West 45th Street where we will gather our friends and colleagues across the trading tech industry to continue the conversations and networking

“It was an excellent event and it was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones! I enjoyed all the sessions I saw: the panellists were excellent and all experts in their fields.”
Toby Bryans, Principal Consultant, Finance Practice, Dataart

“This is my second year attending the [TradingTech Summit]. A-Team Group pull together a good group of relevant panellists and speakers – backed up by a good show in the exhibitor section. These are the people who you want to meet and listen to. I find myself able to agree with some information – but always with a learning aspect attached to that and the rest. I look forward to the event next year.”
Julian Maule, Delivery Manager eTrading Systems, Rabobank

“It was very useful, lots of insight in a small package. Coming from a relatively unsophisticated market such events help for keeping track of global trends and potentially building our competitive advantage.”
Andreas Papanagiotopoulos, Director Market Making & International Markets Trading, Alpha Finance

“I found it a great opportunity to hear from and network with, many of the thought leaders in the trading technology space.”
Kenneth McLeish, MD, Global Head of Trading Technology, JP Morgan Asset Management

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