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TradingTech Briefing to Discuss Buy AND Build: The Future of Capital Markets Technology

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The world of capital markets technology never stands still. Making the right technology decisions, particularly in the front office trading environment, is therefore crucial for buy side and sell side firms that wish to stay competitive, keep costs under control and maximise their efficiency.

Whether this means updating trading technology stacks, adopting modern data fabrics and leveraging cloud, making the most of desktop interoperability in order to deploy integrated best of breed solutions, focusing on the user experience in order to improve trading workflow, or all of the above, financial institutions are constantly faced with the dilemma of what to buy and what to build.

This is the backdrop to A-Team Group’s upcoming TradingTech Briefing entitled ‘Buy AND Build: The Future of Capital Markets Technology, London’, which will be held on the afternoon of September 21st 2023 at the Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf, London.

The briefing will commence with a session on modernising front-to-back trading tech, where Rachel Przybylski of Man Group will interview Anvar Karimson, CTO of Kepler Cheuvreux about the challenges associated with modernising trading systems, how firms are leveraging cloud, interoperability, data and analytics, the role of fintechs, and how to build an effective technology team.

The first panel session of the afternoon, hosted by Kevin Covington of Change Alley, will focus on data fabrics and cloud. Representatives from CDO Advisory, CJC and IPC Systems will discuss the components and capabilities of modern data infrastructure technologies and delivery models, and will no doubt share some lessons learned from working in hybrid and multi-cloud environments to support new trading workflows.

A-Team Group’s Andrew Delaney will then interview Mike Powell, CEO of Rapid Addition, about trading in the cloud. The two will discuss the results of their recent survey on the subject of cloud adoption for electronic trading in capital markets, which delivered some surprisingly diverse opinions from industry participants.

Following a short networking break, the next panel, hosted by Vision57’s Steve Grob and entitled, ‘Leveraging interoperability – laying the foundations for unique best of breed solutions,’ will feature experts from Redburn and Genesis Global discussing how to take a component-based approach to applications and enterprise software. An area of particular interest will be how firms are using smart desktops, low/no code solutions and microservices to create unique solutions tailored to their own environments.

The final panel session of the day, featuring industry advisors Scott Bradley and Kate Karimson together with Velox CEO Jon Butler, will focus on the user experience. A key question that panelists will discuss is whether the UX should be the first, not final consideration in the design of the modern trading stack and if so, why.

Following the sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to meet and network with their peers over drinks.

With space limited, we recommend early registration to avoid disappointment

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