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Single Rulebook Teams with Linklaters for UK/EU Regulation Comparison Service

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Single Rulebook has partnered with global law firm Linklaters to launch Law Compare, an online tool that helps lawyers compare and annotate UK versions of financial services legislation alongside the equivalent EU rules to manage the divergence of once-harmonised regulation.

Law Compare has been developed by Single Rulebook for Linklaters in order to support in-house teams and gives Linklaters’ clients access to comparisons and guidance on the EU and UK MiFID II regimes quickly and efficiently.

The online tool provides a single source of up-to-date regulation and guidance, and offers full coverage of EU and UK MiFID II regimes, from Directives, Regulations, Regulatory Technical Standards to Level 3 guidance, with the potential to extend to other areas of regulation. The legislation hosted on the Single Rulebook platform is complemented by Linklaters’ guidance, which provides a record of the firm’s legal views, interpretation and comments relating to specific provisions and areas of EU-UK divergence.

According to Pansy Wong, Financial Regulatory Partner at Linklaters, “Linklaters Law Compare offers a valuable collaborative solution with a better overall user experience when navigating regulatory divergence across the EU and UK. We believe this technology will form a crucial part of legal compliance toolkits post-Brexit.”

Single Rulebook CEO Chris Dingley said: “We are delighted to have joined forces with Linklaters to launch Law Compare, a new regulatory comparison tool, on our platform. The new tool provides Linklaters’ clients with a dynamic comparison of diverging EU and UK regulation, as well as changes in regulatory texts over time.”

Single Rulebook was formed in 2019 and acquired by Kaizen Reporting Ltd in 2020. The company offers a software solution that lets firms search, share and manage complex regulatory rules on a single digital platform.

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