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A-Team Group Names Winners of ESG Insight Awards

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A-Team Group announced the winners of its inaugural ESG Insight Awards today. The awards recognise both established solution vendors and innovative newcomers providing leading ESG solutions, services and consultancy to capital markets participants.

The awards included over 20 categories of ESG solutions ranging from Best ESG risk data provider to Best overall ESG data provider, Best data management solution for ESG, Best taxonomy data solution for ESG, Best ESG scores and ratings provider, Best ESG social data provider, Best ESG sentiment data provider, Best regulatory reporting solution for ESG, and more.

Andrew Delaney, President and Chief Content Officer at A-Team Group, said: “Congratulations to the well-deserved winners of our first A-Team Group ESG Insight Awards. Thank you to all the vendors that entered the awards, our ESG Insight community that voted for its favourite solutions, and our independent, expert advisory board that worked in collaboration with our editorial team to select this year’s winners. We will be back next year to celebrate the winners of our ESG Insight Awards 2023.”

A complete list of winners can be found below.

  • Best regulatory reporting solution for ESG – Regnology
  • Best overall ESG data provider – Bloomberg
  • Best ESG research provider – Morningstar Sustainalytics
  • Best ESG sentiment data provider – Refinitiv – MarketPsych Data
  • Best ESG index provider – SIX
  • Best data governance framework solution for ESG – Solidatus
  • Best ESG risk data provider – Acin
  • Best data management solution for ESG – Cognizant / Alveo
  • Best governance data provider for ESG – DataGardener Solutions
  • Best taxonomy data solution for ESG – DYDON AI
  • Best ESG data and technology consultancy – Element22
  • Best ESG scores & ratings provider – FactSet
  • Best ESG social data provider – Moody’s
  • Best ESG KYC surveillance provider – smartKYC
  • Best overall ESG technology provider – Snowflake
  • Best environment data provider for ESG – S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Best analytics provider for ESG – S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Best regulatory change management solution for ESG – Esgaia
  • Best portfolio screening solution for ESG – La Meer
  • Best controversy monitoring solution for ESG – OWL Analytics
  • Best ESG company disclosure provider – Straive
  • Best dashboard solution for ESG – Substantive Research
  • Best AI / ML solution for ESG – Theta Lake
  • Best ESG risk management solution – Wolters Kluwer
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