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MiFID II: Setting a Mobile Policy for Compliance and Trading Business

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) requires firms to record all trading-related electronic and voice communication. This includes recording communications made using mobile devices, whether they are firm or employee owned. The directive also extends previous requirements to record and store communications that resulted in a trade, to record and store communications that may pertain to a transaction.

Some firms are taking a ‘manage by policy’ approach to the recording problem, essentially implementing restrictions on the use of mobile devices. Others are looking for more beneficial in-network solutions that will allow the use of mobile devices in compliance with MiFID II.

This White Paper, sponsored by Truphone, discusses:

  • MiFID II record keeping requirements
  • Challenges presented by mobile devices
  • ‘Manage by policy’ approaches
  • In-network recording solutions
  • Best practice implementation