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Best Practice Approaches to Cross-Product Market Surveillance

As perpetrators of financial crime become more sophisticated, regulators worldwide are focusing more of their efforts on cross-product and cross-market manipulation, as evidenced by a growing number of high-profile prosecutions.

Led by the UK’s FSA and the EU’s ESMA, regulators in key global markets are targeting sophisticated operators, whose cross-product activities typically involve  are able to manipulation of one market, instrument or venue to impact outcomes in another, a technique that can be challenging to police.

While cross-product market abuse isn’t new, the widespread working from home phenomenon has led to a surge in such cases. This new regulatory focus is forcing financial institutions to reassess their existing monitoring and surveillance processes and systems to ensure they are fit for purpose.

This white paper looks at the different forms of cross-product manipulation, and reviews recent regulatory steps to crack down on the practice. It discusses current supervisory efforts and what they mean for regulated entities. Finally, it offers guidance on best practices for practitioners seeking to ensure their surveillance systems and processes are robust enough to meet increasingly onerous regulatory requirements.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Elements of cross-product manipulation
  • Key considerations in adopting a cross-product approach to surveillance
  • Getting to grips with cross-product manipulation
  • What’s next for cross-product surveillance?