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The knowledge platform for the financial technology industry

Insider’s View from Brussels

Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest about key legislation being negotiated in Brussels by the EC, EU Parliament and Council, covering banks and fund management, with our quarterly regulatory updates.
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Session Date(s): 9th May, 2023 - 9am (Quarterly virtual briefings held every March, May, September and December)
Session Availability: Live virtual briefing (with recording available afterwards)
Session Duration: 2 hours
Session Price: £295 per quarter
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Learning Outcomes

Our quarterly series of regulatory updates from our Brussels insider, Dr David Doyle, provides a deep dives into key critical legislative packages and initiatives arising from the EC, European Parliament, the Council, ECB, Basle Committee and the European Supervisory Authorities (ESMA, EBA, EIOPA). Topics will cover regulatory developments impacting banks, fund management and the wider financial services sector.

An overview of the complex nature of the EU legislative process and the key EU Institutions involved in the development of regulations will be also covered.  The programme will touch on the key international ‘game-changing’ and benchmark-forming pieces of EU legislation.

You will also have the opportunity to ask our expert anything about upcoming regulations in a Q&A section.

By the end of each update, participants will:

  • Have acquired a structured understanding of the current EU legislative landscape and priorities in the financial services environment having direct implications for the data and technology practices within financial entities
  • Be conversant sufficiently in the broad details of the key pieces of current EU FS legislation to engage in a discussion with their internal professional peers, regulators, compliance officers on implications.
  • Apply the knowledge in reviewing the impact on their business models, current compliance disclosure frameworks and staff skills-set.
  • Have had the opportunity to raise any questions and observations, and gained insight from our regulatory expert.

Regulations covered include:

  • MiFID Refit (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)
  • The revised MIFIR Framework
  • MICA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation)
  • DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act)
  • The EU anti-money laundering (AML) strategy.
  • EU Digital Strategy
  • The new EU supervisory framework for fintechs, 3rd country financial institutions, non-bank financial institutions.

Who should attend

This course is open to all levels within financial services including:

  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • Regulatory compliance officers
  • Chief data officers
  • National supervisors
  • Financial services trade bodies
  • Chief legal officers
  • Internal ITC specialists

About the Instructor

Dr. David P. Doyle is an EU policy advisor, expert and speaker, specialising in EU financial services regulation, based between Paris and Brussels. He services a range of London- based financial institutions in this field of activity. Prior to his EU regulatory role, he was a long-serving diplomatic career based on mainland Europe, spanning both multilateral and bilateral assignments. He interfaces on a regular basis with key policy-makers and legislators in the corridors of all three EU Institutions.  Since 2002, Dr. Doyle has been he is also a long-standing Board Member of the Board of the joint MEP-EU industry advocacy body, The Kangaroo Group, and Secretary of its Financial Services Working Group at the European Parliament.

Why Choose A-Team Group Training?

Established in 2001, A-Team Group has long been educating the financial technology industry about important topics, ranging across business areas such as market data, trading technology, data management, ESG data and technology, and regulatory technology through its dedicated A-Team Insight news service, events, webinars and handbooks.

We are partnering with seasoned executives to bring deeper training to the industry and are proud to offer this timely and highly valuable series of regulatory updates and insight to you, in collaboration with our Brussels Insider Dr David Doyle.

“A-Team Group continues to deliver high value, insightful information to our industry and this new initiative to provide relevant and valuable training courses on the hottest topics in industry is a welcome development,” says David Cowland, Independent RegTech Advisor and Former Head of Compliance Operations.

David Cowland
Independent RegTech Advisor and Former Head of Compliance Operations.


The regulatory updates series is charged at £295 per quarter and is cancellable at any time.

Yes. Please get in touch with our team at training@a-teamgroup.com and we can help make the process easy for you!

You won’t be able to ask questions of our instructor so it is better if you can make the live session. But each update will be recorded and if you are registered beforehand, you will be able to access the recording, so be sure to register.

A-Team Group is partnering with a range of knowledgeable and experienced industry practitioners to bring you further industry training such as this one. Take a look at our Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) fundamentals course here and our ESG Foundation Course here. We’re also working on plans for courses on Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MICA) and more. To find out more or to pre-register your interest, please email training@a-teamgroup.com.

A-Team Group provides a wealth of content, events and webinars focused on regulatory changes and the impact on financial services. You can become a member of our RegTech Insight news service to receive regular updates or read more here. We host RegTech Summit events each year – find out more here. You can also download our free Regulatory Data Handbook here and other Handbooks here, and register for any upcoming webinars (or listen to past ones) here.

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