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Trade and Transaction Reporting Challenges – Where Are We Now?

As the reporting burden grows ever more onerous, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest cross-regulatory evolutions. But what are the priorities for 2020? MiFID II is old news, and no one has any idea what is going to happen with Brexit yet – but there are some regulations that are fast-approaching and yet for which the industry is far from ready.

One of these is SFTR, which comes into effect in April 2020 – a data-heavy transaction reporting regulation along the lines of MiFIR and EMIR, but with a significant reference data element. So, what will SFTR require, and how can practitioners tackle the reference data challenge that SFTR presents?

“There are some key complexities involved in pulling the data together for SFTR: and firms need to know specifically where they exist, what is required and what industry solutions are available to reach an appropriate outcome in time,” warns SmartStream RDU CEO Peter Moss.

A detailed discussion of the data requirements can be found in the latest White Paper from A-Team group in partnership with SmartStream RDU, ‘Addressing the Reference Data Challenges of SFTR’, which is free to download here.

However, for a more personal and immediate perspective, join us at RegTech Summit London on October 3, 2019 and hear Peter himself discuss the challenges, complexities and imperatives that are topping the list for regulatory compliance in 2019. Places can be booked here and a full agenda is available here. See you there!

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