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Interactive Data Connects to GGY’s Axis for Fixed Income Analytics

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Interactive Data Corporation has added an interface to the BondEdge structured finance cash flow engine and library through GGY’s Axis system. The Axis system’s pricing, valuation and modelling tools can now be used for the complex fixed income securities modelled by Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics.

According to the vendor, the fully integrated offering is designed to save insurance clients time and help further mitigate risk during the asset liability modelling process. It achieves this by streamlining access to projected asset market values and cash flows for the complex fixed income securities modelled by Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics.

Via Microsoft dynamic-link library (DLL), the GGY Axis application accesses the BondEdge asset cash flow engine to generate scenario driven cash flows under unlimited interest rate environments from within the Axis system for more sophisticated asset liability analysis. According to Interactive Data, this new interface can help reduce risk by eradicating the need to transfer large amounts of information back and forth, as well as eliminate the need to maintain two separate systems.

Laurie Adami, president of Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics, explains: “This offering marks another important milestone in our commitment to meet marketplace demand for mission critical solutions where underlying component systems communicate directly with one another.”

Bill Young, president of GGY, adds: “Our clients were impressed to learn that we now have an integrated approach, which enables clients to obtain the values that they need from the BondEdge structured finance cash flow engine and library. We feel that this combined offering will assist GGY in making future Axis sales since most companies we have talked with are very interested in a more automated approach.”

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