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Fidelity ActionsXchange Creates New Standard in Corporate Information, Helping to Better Manage Costs and Mitigate Risk

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Fidelity ActionsXchange, a leading provider of global corporate actions and related events, has introduced a new Subscription Based Service (SBS) model, which offers clients the flexibility and choice to individually select from Fidelity ActionsXchange’s expanded range of commercially available and proprietary data sources and tailor event information in their validated record.

A significant innovation in the delivery of multi-sourced, complex corporate actions announcement capture and validation, SBS is a customizable solution that provides Fidelity ActionsXchange customers with greater control over the source of their corporate actions event information, helping them to better manage costs and mitigate risks.

“Subscription Based Service will redefine the corporate actions landscape by creating a more customizable and precise delivery model to better align with our clients’ distinct business strategies,” said Laura Pollard, executive vice president and head of Fidelity ActionsXchange. “The service will also extend our clients’ ability to mitigate ongoing risk, a critical function of corporate actions processing.”

Choice and Flexibility
SBS allows clients to individually select from Fidelity ActionsXchange’s expanded range of available data sources and tailor event information in their validated record to more closely align with their unique market, product and asset coverage requirements.

This customized delivery option will enable clients to realize increased value and effectively manage costs while still closely maintaining strict control and oversight over operational risk. Clients can also maintain existing enterprise relationships to attain optimal pricing.

In the coming months, Fidelity ActionsXchange plans to announce the addition of new data sources to the SBS platform that will extend the range of options and risk mitigation capabilities for its clients.

“SBS provides us with the opportunity to select the most relevant commercial data sources we want incorporated into our validated corporate actions record, as well as the ability to select the types of information we need to see validated,” said James Monahan, executive director and regional head, North America position services at Morgan Stanley. “This added flexibility allows us to manage both our risk and overall data costs more effectively.”
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