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Hilton London Tower Bridge, London

25th February 2020


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If you missed anything from the TradingTech Summit London which took place on the 27th February 2019, or just want to revisit the topics you can view the presentation slides below.

Industry Keynote: The outlook for risk, regulation and sustainability in 2019: a view from UBS Wealth Management
Beate Born, Executive Director, Risk and Regulatory Management, UBS Wealth Management

Beate’s keynote will touch on a number of current topics that are keeping financial services providers busy as the external and internal environments are continuously changing.  Her presentation will look at how those trends are interconnected, how they might be contradicting each other and how industry players can best reap benefits or mitigate related risks.

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Keynote: Trade Execution (TE) analytics – turning trade execution insights into alpha
Donal Byrne
, CEO, Corvil 

Trade Execution (TE) analytics is the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade execution data to derive insights about trade outcome and quality such that  an above average market outcome can be achieved i.e., systems alpha. This talk will look at how  specific metrics of trading systems performance, and order type selection can be analysed with machine learning algorithms to see which parameters have the greatest influence on order execution quality and outcome.  TE analytics is based on machine learning algorithms that analyses and learn correlated relationships between observed order execution outcomes and a wide range of IT performance metrics and order parameters.

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Afternoon Keynote: A personal view of current innovation trends  – especially the impact of ethical, environmental and governance factors on the industry
James Bevan, Chief Investment Officer, CCLA

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View a selection of photos from this recent event.

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