2019 Agenda

TradingTech Summit: Bringing together the European trading technology community. New information for 2020 coming soon.


27th February 2019




Registration and Networking over Coffee


Chair’s Opening address Andrew Delaney, Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group


Industry Keynote: The outlook for risk, regulation and sustainability in 2019: a view from UBS Wealth Management

Beate’s keynote will touch on a number of current topics that are keeping financial services providers busy as the external and internal environments are continuously changing.  Her presentation will look at how those trends are interconnected, how they might be contradicting each other and how industry players can best reap benefits or mitigate related risks.

  • Reverse Globalisation: Equivalence discussions, single market access and Brexit
  • Regulation: What’s done? What’s next?
  • Technology: Fintech & RegTech change our processes, platforms and data management
  • Sustainability: Why financial services need to worry about sustainability

Beate Born, Executive Director, Risk and Regulatory Management, UBS Wealth Management


Regulatory Keynote Interview: The future of regulation in the context of Brexit

This session will provide a forward looking view on the regulatory landscape in Europe and the direction it is taking with an eye to where the US and Asia are also.  We’ll look at how positive outcomes for the financial system can be achieved even at a time of change such as Brexit and explore where regulation is headed post MiFID II across Europe.

Virginie Saade, Head of Government and Regulatory Policy, Europe, Citadel
Interviewed by: Andrew Delaney, 
Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group


Opening Panel: MiFID II, Brexit – What is the impact on trading tech operations and how are firms responding to the new trading environment?

  • Opportunities for accessing liquidity in the new trading environment: Navigating the evolving liquidity landscape
  • Cross border aspects of MiFID II (rules such as research acquisition, transaction reporting and product governance), how can regtech help and will this lead to MiFID III?
  • The equivalence regime and the Brexit scenario
  • Setting up EU entities – issues to be aware of
  • FCA expectations for firms and observations on planning efforts so far

Moderated by: Jeremy Bruce, Managing Director, Prime Services Platform Sales EMEA, Societe Generale
David Howson, COO, Cboe Europe
Jonathan Finney, Director of European Business Development, Citadel Securities
Irina Sonich Bright, Director, Global Execution Services, Head of Product Management, Credit Suisse; Co-Chair MiFID II Transparency Working Group, FIX Trading Community
Stephen Hanks, Manager, Markets Policy, FCA
Veronica Taylor,
Head of Euronext Block, Cash & Derivatives, Euronext


Networking and Refreshment Break


Panel: Trade infrastructure monitoring for optimal trading connectivity

  • Network monitoring and timestamping challenges – data capture issues and governance
  • The crossover between Compliance and Operations in monitoring
  • Maintaining high quality connectivity and moving from pure infrastructure performance monitoring to value added data: gaining insights from data for business intelligence activities

Moderated by: Mike O’Hara, Partner, The Realization Group
Leon Lobo, 
Strategic Business Development Manager, National Physical Laboratory
Neil Horlock,
 Former Director and Global Architect within Global Markets, Credit Suisse
Dr Marcus Perrett, 
Executive Director, Global Head of LSET Development, Instinet
Matt Davey, Director of Product Management, Corvil 


Keynote: Trade Execution (TE) analytics – turning trade execution insights into alpha

Trade Execution (TE) analytics is the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade execution data to derive insights about trade outcome and quality such that  an above average market outcome can be achieved i.e., systems alpha. This talk will look at how  specific metrics of trading systems performance, and order type selection can be analysed with machine learning algorithms to see which parameters have the greatest influence on order execution quality and outcome.  TE analytics is based on machine learning algorithms that analyses and learn correlated relationships between observed order execution outcomes and a wide range of IT performance metrics and order parameters.  The technology can be used to:

  • Identify if IT infrastructure performance is responsible for a specific execution anomaly e.g. sudden increase in the number of cancels from a specific venue
  • Investigate which parameters of IT infrastructure performance are causing a change in execution quality e.g. is lower market data latency the reason why client fill rates improved
  • Understand what actions can be taken in IT infrastructure to optimise order execution quality. e.g. are more gateway sessions required for NASDAQ?

Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil 


Panel: HPC strategy – Leveraging the cloud to support maximum compute performance

  • Infrastructure design and approach: On-premise vs. public clouds vs. private bare metal-as-a-service offerings
  • Where should I be using the cloud and where not?
  • How to support legacy systems in a hybrid environment
  • Managing data in the cloud: balancing regulatory considerations e.g. MiFID II vs. GDPR, security concerns
  • Parallel processing using GPU Farms: how and when to do this to best effect
  • Managing the skills gap for large-scale parallel machine programming

Moderated by: Jim Oulton, Associate Partner and Cloud Practice SME, Citihub Consulting 
Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, CJC
Robert Johnson, 
Chief Technology Officer, Coremont
Robert Griffiths, 
Director, Head of High Performance Computing and Cloud Services, MUFG Securities EMEA Plc
Bill Bierds,
President and CBDO, BCC Group International 


Networking and lunch


Afternoon Keynote: A personal view of current innovation trends  – especially the impact of ethical, environmental and governance factors on the industry
James Bevan, Chief Investment Officer, CCLA


Panel: Algorithmic trading 2.0: Evolution and re-design of algos and SORs for best execution

  • How are firms responding to the MIFID II rules on algo development and algo testing that require effective systems and risk controls in place to monitor, record and report on algorithms?
  • TCA, Pre and post-trade analytics: With the explosion in available data how are firms gaining real time insights to aid decision making using the latest tools: in-memory analytics, visualization tools and other technologies?
  • Incorporating machine learning into execution analytics: challenges of moving towards ‘closed loop’ models
  • Algo wheels – who has the scale?
  • Data management challenges: data collection, data filtering, ensuring data quality

Moderated by: Gavin Williamson, Former MD, Global Head of Product Development and Regulatory Change, HSBC
Joe Everitt, Managing Director, Electronic Trading, SELECT, Stifel Electronic Trading (Europe)
Will Winzor Saile, 
Execution Analytics and Architecture, Redburn
Peter Simpson, 
VP Panopticon Streaming Analytics, Altair Engineering
Jonathan Finney, 
Director of European Business Development, Citadel Securities


Panel: Institutionalising crypto technology: Developing the technology to trade crypto

  • How is trading crypto different from trading other asset classes?
  • How is regulation affecting time to market and causing a hesitancy to move forward?
  • Market access: What is current state of play with regards to building an infrastructure layer that can interoperate across all exchanges?
  • What are the key challenges in custody and settlement?
  • What about clearing? Is Blockchain the holy grail?

Moderated by: Simon Barnby, CMO, Archax Exchange 
Stewart Calvy, Business Development Manager, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange 
David Nicol, 
Digital Assets, R3
Sebastian Higgs,
Director, Business Development, Vo1t Digital Custodian
Gaspard Coudurier,
ERP Director, BSO Network Solutions 


TradingTech Awards Europe Ceremony and Networking drinks


“It was a great event and a pleasure to participate.”

Jim Oulton, Cloud Practice SME, Citihub Consulting