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Delta Capita and QAssure Partner to Drive Innovation

Delta Capita, a provider of managed services, technology solutions and consulting to financial institutions, has partnered QAssure Technologies, an independent software testing company headquartered in Singapore, to deliver an open innovation platform designed to accelerate innovation and address the challenges  that delay innovation, such as operational complexity and ever-changing regulation.

The companies say proof of concept (PoC) processes can take 18 to 24 months, but by centralising the process using QAssure’s prooV cloud-based PoC testing platform, the time from discovery and testing to deployment of the right solution can be reduced significantly, allowing financial firms to adopt new technology while it is still new and the technology is relevant.

Combining smart integration technology and behavioural prediction analytics with bespoke development to support workflows, the solution also uses Delta Capita’s integration, testing and managed services expertise and its certification and assurance capabilities. When a PoC is completed, the digital assurance platform performs end-to-end functional and non-functional testing.

The partners say the solution will reduce the testing timeframe from months or weeks to days, and ensure solutions produced are of the highest standard. Highlighting financial institutions’ increasing adoption of FinTech solutions, which requires PoCs but can be held up by security, regulation, bureaucracy, legal red tape, and slow processes, they note: “Delta Capital and QAssure provide a hub where you can discover, test, analyse, compare and deploy new technology. It is a solution from before, during and after a PoC is finished with no regulatory barriers and no security risks, just pure technology testing and evaluation.”

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