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Corlytics Adds Free App to Risk Software

Corlytics, a provider of regulatory risk data and analytics, has added to its RiskFusion software solution with the launch of a new Regulatory Event Data (RED) app providing a free, centralised feed of regulatory notices from financial regulators around the world: including notices, communications, change edicts, consultations, enforcements and penalties.

The new app filters real-time regulatory data into searchable, taxonomised and configurable content. Users can choose up to five global regulators to appear in their personalised feed, and can receive push notifications or alerts on content related to these regulators.

This type of data is usually available via a subscription service, or through manual searches. The new app is the first time global regulatory updates and notices have been centrally collated and made available for free, offering what Corlytics claims to be “one of the most disruptive changes to the regulatory industry.” The app is free to download from Apple and Android, as well as offering a desktop version.

“With the regulatory intelligence market said to be worth $10 billion, now seemed the perfect opportunity for Corlytics to offer open access of our data. Our RED app allows users to draw in the data that is relevant to them,” comments John Byrne, Corlytics CEO. “There is so much regulatory information out there that requires constant managing. This level of near real-time regulatory intelligence will be a hugely valuable tool for legal, risk and compliance officers who work within financial institutions or law firms.”

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