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Practical Data Strategies for meeting ESG Obligations in Financial Services

The ESG investing landscape is poised to become more defined, as competing definitions, standards and regulatory initiatives start to converge. The impact of ESG will be felt far and wide across the financial services community, which will face practical challenges in developing and implementing an ESG strategy that is both effective and avoids box-ticking –…

Data integrity: Your key to confidence in a complex regulatory environment

Despite the recent challenges of the Covid pandemic, regulators have made it clear that they will not accept reporting errors, particularly those that are related to data. Enforcement is more stringent, scrutiny is more in-depth, and the pressure is on to ensure – and demonstrate – that the data underpinning your reporting and activities is…

Entity Data Quality: New Approaches and the Four Categories of Data Quality Management

Legal entity data is critical to data strategy, business decisions and regulatory compliance, but it can be a challenge to ensure the data is accurate and reliable as the entity universe is large, millions of attributes change every year and inconsistent codes and symbologies identifying  entities, corporate hierarchies and ultimate beneficial owners must be managed….