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Singapore Launches Platform to Host Reported ESG Data

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Financial institutions in Singapore will soon have access to AI-powered digital tools that will help them “collect, access and act upon” ESG data.

Grnprnt, which is pronounced Greenprint, has been created by the city’s Monetary Authority (MAS) to help corporates automate the reporting of sustainability data that financial companies can then incorporate into their own workflows.

The platform, part of MAS’ Project Greenprint to foster sustainable markets in the Southeast Asian city, will be open to companies large and small and eventually encompass overseas businesses. MAS said grnprnt will also be constructed so that it can be integrated with institution’s data platforms.

“Gprnt provides a key data bridge that can generate the trusted and high quality ESG data needed by the financial sector to more efficiently allocate capital towards green and transition initiatives,” said MAS managing director Ravi Menon. “By harnessing generative AI and data APIs at scale, Gprnt will greatly simplify sustainability reporting for SMEs, and in doing so unlock the data needed by the public and private sectors to support SMEs’ sustainability journeys.”

The platform will be operational in the first quarter of 2024.

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