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RegGenome Launches GenAI-Optimised Reg-Data Repository

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RegGenome, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, has launched an enriched regulatory data repository powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). This solution aims to address the increasing regulatory costs and complexities faced by firms by leveraging advanced AI technologies for regulatory operations and compliance management.

A study by Accenture indicates that while 93% of compliance leaders see AI as a simplifier of compliance processes, 90% anticipate a 30% increase in compliance costs over the next two years due to traditional, labor-intensive approaches. RegGenome’s new service provides a jurisdiction-agnostic repository of rich, descriptive, and inferential metadata optimized for GenAI algorithms, facilitating the identification, interrogation, presentation, and management of regulations.

“Our GenAI-optimised data is vital for any firm investing in modernising its data infrastructure and adopting AI. As a data-only provider, we can facilitate the creation of a central regulatory data set that can feed multiple internal use cases. By adopting our data, organisations are well-positioned to leverage the transformative potential of AI,” said Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnston.

RegGenome uses a universal information structure to organize and standardize regulations, operationalizing documentation from any authority in any language. This structure is built on provenance and regulatory standards reviewed by experts at the University of Cambridge, ensuring data integrity, reliability, and relevance. The GenAI-optimized data supports the development of standards-based solutions that enhance the capabilities of foundational large language models (LLMs), enabling reliable management of regulatory changes, policy impact assessments, information retrieval, query responses, and document summarization.

“With flexible delivery methods, our data integrates into any existing application or tool, maintaining continuity with current business operations. We meet you where you are, and that is the type of freedom customers get from a pure data-only provider,” added Head of Product Jonny Scurr.

RegGenome’s data empowers organizations to conduct granular searches, receive timely updates via custom alerts, identify common regulatory obligations across jurisdictions, and efficiently route relevant regulations to appropriate teams. This foundational dataset promises to enhance existing systems and prepares organizations for the evolving regulatory environment.

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