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Data Management Tools Are Priority Investment Among Financial Services Firms

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Investing in technology to optimise data and modernise data management are top priorities for financial services firms. Research by Broadridge Financial Solutions among 200 financial services professions at SIFMA Operations Conference in May 2022 shows towards 98% of respondents’ companies investing front-to-back-office workflow management, with 27% of respondents citing data management tools as their firm’s priority investment. Some 23% of firms are investing in AI and automation, 13% in human capital, 10% in cloud-native capabilities, and 8% in blockchain technologies.

On the downside, the research found 94% of firms continuing to face challenges around effective data use. Some 27%  of respondents said legacy or outdated technology are the biggest hurdle, and 23% poor data quality. challenges around effective data use. Some 27% said legacy or outdated technology stands out as their biggest , with 23% noting poor data quality. Nearly 19% said they are unable to quickly test, onboard, validate or maintain datasets.

Stacking up the stats, the research shows 57% of respondents confirming that their firms still have progress to make before they reach the advanced stages of their innovation and technology plans.

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