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Boubyan Bank Adopts Murex’s MX.3 for Sharia-Compliant Treasury Operations via MXGO

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Boubyan Bank, a prominent Islamic financial institution based in Kuwait, is adopting Murex’s MX.3 for Islamic Finance to facilitate its Sharia-compliant treasury operations using MXGO, a customisable treasury and trading solution, designed by Murex, that caters to rapidly expanding local banks. MXGO can be delivered on-premises, on the cloud or as a fully managed SaaS solution, with the capacity to expedite delivery and reduce the total cost of ownership.

The MX.3 platform will provide a front-to-back-to-risk solution to expedite the delivery of new products to clients, including FX spot, forward Waad, FX swap, profit rate swaps, cross currency swaps and sukuks. The scope also includes collateral management, value at risk, accounting and hedge accounting.

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