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SimCorp Releases Cloud Native Investment Analytics Platform

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SimCorp has released a cloud native investment analytics platform offering a real-time attribution solution designed to meet growing demand for accurate and real-time performance analytics. This is the company’s first service on its Investment Analytics Platform, with solutions related to ESG attribution and risk attribution planned as the next set of releases.

The platform provides a cloud calculation service and is an integral part of SimCorp’s open ecosystem that is constructed on an API-first architecture. The modernised web front-end gives users fast, dynamic, and granular performance analytics.

“Our new investment analytics service enables users to perform advanced investment performance analytics on the fly, with calculations delivered in just a few seconds,” says Lars Ole Hansen, global product manager at SimCorp.

The performance attribution solution is inherently transaction based and uses data stored in the SimCorp investment management platform, which encompasses all asset classes, to achieve high levels of accuracy and transparency. The design puts all assets and transactions in the same system, meaning users don’t have to pull data manually from multiple sources to determine underlying exposures.

Ole Hansen comments: “Clients will need just one system to accommodate all aspects of performance measurement and attribution. This consolidation can result in savings on additional licenses and reconciliation efforts.”

Performance analysts using the SimCorp platform will be able to delve deeper into the details of investment returns and manage performance rules to trigger alerts for single days when returns appear suspicious or when asset weights approach predefined thresholds. Portfolio managers and client relationship managers will gain fast and flexible views of attribution factors and other success factors in their investments, enhancing decision-making and communication with investors.

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