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SEI Partners Snowflake to Deliver Data Cloud Offering Real-Time Data and Analytics

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SEI, an Oaks, Pennsylvania provider of wealth and asset management solutions, has partnered with Snowflake to release SEI Data Cloud, a platform designed to provide clients with real-time data and analytics. The platform is powered by Snowflake and can be accessed directly through the SEI Wealth Platform (SWP) or as a standalone service.

The company initially plans to use Snowflake as a data delivery and analytics platform for SWP clients, providing users with access to data in real time and enabling an enterprise view of information. Ultimately, it intends to offer enterprise information delivery, reporting, and analytics capabilities to all clients across financial services.

“The dynamic demand for flexible and real-time access to information with ease of consumption is rapidly growing across the financial services landscape,” says Sanjay Sharma, head of private banking at SEI. “By leveraging Snowflake’s data-sharing capabilities, we can provide our clients access to customised data and analytics reporting at any time, and in a manner that complements our modern API approach.”

SEI has two early adopters of its data, which offers on-demand access to real-time data, business event-based alerts and notifications, ease of information consumption, and Analytics-as-a-Service.

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