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S3 Partners and Boosted.ai Collaborate to Enable Smart Hedging for Institutional Investors

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S3 Partners, the financial data marketplace and workflow platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Boosted.ai, the distributed machine learning platform for global investment professionals.

Under the new partnership, data from S3 BLACK App and S3 Blackwire OMS will be natively available through the Boosted Insights platform, for immediate use by Boosted.ai clients. This will enable asset managers to create smart hedges and ensure actionable trades, by using advanced machine learning for data-driven hedging. The partnership follows the launch of Hedge Baskets by Boosted.ai, which enables investors to generate custom short baskets to suit their individual hedging requirements.

Joshua Pantony, Co-Founder and CEO of Boosted.ai, describes how the combination of S3 & Boosted.ai can add unique value to institutional investors when hedging a portfolio or a stock position. “If you only had S3, you would be able to see the universe of stocks that you could hedge against, but not necessarily the specific stocks that you want to hedge,” he says. “And if you only had Boosted.ai, you might be able to get a hedge basket but there’s no guarantee that the basket is going to have the borrow availability for shorting, or that the borrow interest is going to be viable for your execution. But by combining them together, we can now create a very targeted basket of stocks and by layering in S3 data, we can also guarantee that that entire basket is 100% executable.”

Commenting on the partnership, Bob Sloan, Managing Partner and CEO of S3 Partners said: “Our constant goal is to make the world’s best sentiment and market positioning data available wherever investors are. With Boosted Insights and Hedge Baskets, Boosted.ai has developed a platform that the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors can use to improve their long and short positions through machine learning. The addition of S3 data further improves those outputs – reveal herd risk, sources of unexpected volatility and ensuring that the machine’s recommendations work well in practice.”

The partnership with Boosted.ai further expands S3’s roster of distribution partners, which includes Bloomberg, Snowflake, AWS, FactSet, Refinitiv and LiquidityBook.

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