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QuantHouse Enhances Data Offering with BMLL Historical Order Book Data

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QuantHouse, the API Data and Trading Solutions business of Iress, has entered into a new global partnership with BMLL, the independent provider of harmonised Level 3, 2 and 1 historical data and analytics for the equity and futures markets. This collaboration aims to merge QuantHouse’s real-time data services with BMLL’s comprehensive historical order book data, facilitating advanced market analysis and strategy testing for the buy-side community.

The integration will significantly reduce the time required for asset managers and hedge funds to move from strategy research to execution, enabling faster back-testing of trading strategies and a swifter transition to production. The announcement of the partnership follows the successful completion of data symbology mapping between QuantHouse’s real-time and BMLL’s historical data sets, ensuring a unified data format across all trading venues and asset classes.

“The nirvana for many trading firms is to have a quality real time feed mapped to a detailed historical feed, which has got all the fields in it that they might need, with no gaps, spikes or flaws,” says Paul Humphrey, BMLL’s CEO, in conversation with TradingTech Insight. “We’re very proud that QuantHouse, who has a superb real time business, has selected BMLL as its historical data partner, mapping its real time feed to our best-in-class historical feed. This will save trading firms a massive headache because it’s a heavy lift. So it is a real benefit for firms to be able to take that data, harmonised, in one format, across all venues.”

The harmonisation of the two data sets allows for more detailed liquidity mapping and improved trading performance analysis, and addresses the increasing market demand for high-quality, easily accessible historical data.

“It’s not on us to map ourselves to multiple real-time feeds,” says Humphrey. “We know our place in the market, we’re the base layer. Having leading real-time data providers like QuantHouse mapping to our symbology tells an enormous story about the quality of our product, which is now beyond debate.”

BMLL’s collaboration with QuantHouse follows other recently announced partnerships, including with Snowflake, who made a strategic investment in the company in September last year.

“We’ve significantly expanded our coverage, which was what we said we would do following our Series B investment round,” says Humphreys. “It wouldn’t matter how good our quality was if we only covered Europe and North America, that’s not enough. So we invested to expand our coverage, and we’re really proud that our game plan has come together nicely.”

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