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Pzena Up and Running with Portfolio Optimisation on Rimes Matrix Platform

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Pzena Investment Management, an investment manager based in New York City with a focus on long-term classic value investing, is in production on Rimes’ Matrix investment management platform with the aim of supporting efforts to streamline operations, mitigate risk, and enhance portfolio optimisation capabilities.

Rimes engaged with Pzena in February 2023 and the solution went live in mid-September as a managed service with full infrastructure and application support. It is the first time Rimes has implemented a compliance rule framework-based optimisation process within Matrix.

“Going live with the Matrix portfolio optimisation component is a significant milestone in our overall technology modernisation programme,” says Brian Mann, chief data officer and director of operations at Pzena. “We can now systematically facilitate a growing demand for customised client portfolios.”

Stuart Plane, managing director and head of enterprise solutions at Rimes, says: “The successful implementation of the compliance rule framework-based optimisation process, combined with our infrastructure and application support, is an important first for Rimes and all its clients. It allows for a more disciplined and controlled investment management process, providing a comprehensive framework for decision making within the bounds of compliance standards.”

The Matrix platform simplifies the management of complex, multi-level investment and product structures, clarifying portfolio management and investment decisions. The platform’s portfolio optimisation capabilities allow managers to select the most favorable asset distribution strategy from a broad and diverse range, including tangible and illiquid portfolios being considered, according to agreed performance and duration objectives. This approach maximises factors such as anticipated returns and minimises financial, regulatory, or reputational risk exposure.

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