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Push Technology Rebrands as DiffusionData and Sets Out Market Alignment Strategy

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DiffusionData, formerly known as Push Technology, a pioneer in real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, today announced the final details of the company’s business realignment strategy and launched its new name and brand. The company’s stated mission under the new branding of DiffusionData is to manage and reduce the costs of data consumption, transformation and delivery, in real time, at Internet scale.

“We felt that the Push Technology name was working against us rather than for us, because it indicates that we’re just pushing data, which didn’t make sense because that’s not really what we do. The name DiffusionData is a much better reflection of what we’re doing in the marketplace, and prospects and customers can understand that better,” says Grethe Brown, DiffusionData’s recently appointed CEO. “Where we’re focusing most of our energy is on the transformation of data. You can slice and dice it, delay it, throttle it, augment or redact it, and personalize the data so you can deliver it in any way you want.”

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform is designed to consume raw data in any size, format, or velocity, enrich the data in-flight, and distribute it in real time at massive scale. One area of focus for the firm is market data delivery via the cloud, a subject that continues to generate much interest in the industry.

“A big problem right now with market data is that once a firm gets tied in with one of the providers, they’re really wedded to that provider, and the provider can do whatever they please, whether that’s raising prices or forcing clients into added services that up their costs,” says Andréa Skov, Chief Marketing Officer at DiffusionData. “With Diffusion, we make it very easy to change data providers because we’re simplify ingesting and consuming the data in the cloud.”

She adds: “There’s a conventional understanding that everybody needs to move data over the Internet real fast. But in order to get there, you have to be able to consume the data in the format it’s coming in, you have to be able to wrangle or transform the data into the format that the recipients need, and it has to happen intelligently and in real time. What differentiates DiffusionData is not only that we can deliver data in real time and at volume, we’re able to deliver it with hyper-personalisation and individualisation to every single recipient, and it can be millions of recipients. Doing that requires an intelligent platform.”

From a deployment perspective, the Diffusion platform is available on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid configurations.

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