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Last month, Low-Latency.com ran an online poll asking whether Microsoft or Sun Microsystems was better at offering low latency solutions. The result: 30 percent went with Sun, seven percent with Microsoft. But the majority – 63 percent – reckoned neither company is a player in this space.

I have to say I feel a little bit sorry for both companies (no, not very sorry as the figures demonstrate your marketing problem) since both are indeed providing useful technology to the low latency world.

Microsoft’s server software underpins offerings from many middleware and event processing vendors, and its recent efforts in conjunction with Gigaspaces demonstrate it’s a credible player in the high performance computing market. Meanwhile, Sun’s hardware and software has been a part of several impressive benchmarks documented on this portal.

True, both companies are providing technology infrastructure and reference architectures, and not full solutions, but the same can be said of companies like Intel, which has won hearts and minds through a lot of effort (and money – some of it supporting this portal) to get their value messages out there.

Just thought I’d make that observation. Oh, yeah, it’s budget time for 2008 and we’d love to hear from you all!

And, if you don’t have any money, then why not participate in this month’s poll on direct feeds instead!

Until next time … here’s some great music! [tags]sun,sun microsystems,microsoft[/tags]

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