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Omba Advisory & Investments Selects FINBOURNE

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Omba Advisory & Investments, a London-based investment management firm, has selected FINBOURNE Technology’s SaaS-native modern financial data stack as its operational data hub. The firm selected FINBOURNE after a market review, and will use the vendor’s LUSID PMS and Luminesce for portfolio management and improved data consolidation to help scale investment operations. Omba serves family offices and high-net-worth clients, and manages a range of UCITS funds.

Using LUSID PMS and SaaS and API-first capabilities, FINBOURNE will provide pre-trade compliance, trading connectivity and portfolio rebalancing using a customised approach. This will enable Omba to streamline its order management workflows, increase straight-through-processing, and gain a clear view of its asset allocation to reduce risk.

In terms of data governance, FINBOURNE will provide Omba with real-time access to investment data across its operational ecosystem. Using Luminesce, FINBOURNE’s data virtualisation engine, data from multiple sources can be connected, interpreted and stored securely in a centralised cloud-native platform without data duplication. Digital dashboards and API’s will allow Omba to leverage quality, reconciled data to gain granular insights on a diverse range of data sets including portfolios, transactions, instruments, holdings, fund flows and NAVs.

“After a thorough market review, FINBOURNE’s open investment data management platform is a clear choice for Omba,” says David Pierson, chief operating officer at the firm. “FINBOURNE  will provide us with streamlined data integration and real-time data access. We are confident the partnership will support our ambitious growth plans and help scale the business in future.”

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