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New Perspectives on ESG Challenges and Opportunities to be Debated at A-Team New York Briefing

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Fresh from the success of A-Team’s inaugural ESG Data and Tech Summit London earlier this month, experts and market participants are now looking to New York where we will be hosting the first ESG Data Management Briefing.

A host of high-level speakers from international banks, asset managers and data vendors will gather on June 16 at the prestigious Rockefeller Center to talk over the key topics in the ESG data management arena.

First on the agenda is the keynote fireside chat in which Allison Spector, Head of ESG at One Rock Capital Partners, will be questioned by A-Team President and Chief Content Officer Andrew Delaney.

Their chat will be themed on the strategic imperative of getting your ESG data strategy in place and doing it right. One of the key takeaways from the London Summit was that ESG is now as important and relevant to financial institutions as reference and other traditional data. Knowing how to acquire and manage the huge volumes of information demanded by investors and regulators will be a huge task that will absorb an enormous amount of time and resources, delegates heard.

Adding to the importance of getting ESG right is the acute need to address climate and social issues that threaten millions of vulnerable people in at-risk markets, and which present physical and reputational risks to companies.

Spector will discuss how financial institutions can help drive the transition to net zero, prepare for regulatory changes and embark on cross-sector collaborations to hone their ESG positions.

Data Imperative

At the heart of the ESG imperative is data; the lifeblood of a body of disclosure regulations that are intended to provide investors with the information needed to put their capital into the companies and projects that will best achieve global sustainability goals. At the same time, data will help them shore up their portfolio returns and mitigate climate and other risks.

Collecting, managing and using ESG data, however, is subject to challenges not experienced in the broader data market. A panel comprising Yinghua Michelle Zhou, Head of Enterprise Data Governance Capability and Control – Director at BNY Mellon, William Atcheson, ESG Sustainable Finance Strategist at Jefferies, Laura Craft, Head of Global ESG Strategy at Heitman and Bradley Foster, Global Head of Content at Bloomberg will take deep dive into those challenges.

As institutions and companies absorb more and more data, they will be looking at ways to maximise its value. Teasing insights from datasets using sophisticated new software is playing an increasingly prominent role in the process of value – and even revenue – creation.

The most widely adopted have been machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Casting an expert eye over these techniques and their applications will be Edward Mitby, Senior Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Vanguard, Debarshi Basu, Director, Head of Quantitative Research at BlackRock Sustainable Investing and Nadav Elituv, Executive Vice President at Orenda Solutions – A SIX company.

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