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Moody’s Analytics Wins A-Team Group Data Management Insight Award 2021 for Best Proposition for AI and Machine Learning

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This blog is sponsored by Moody’s Analytics.

Congratulations to Sergio Gago Huerta, Managing Director of Product Management at Moody’s Analytics, and his team on winning A-Team Group’s Data Management Insight Award 2021 for Best Proposition for AI and Machine Learning.

A-Team Group: What challenges does your winning data management solution address?

Sergio: Our Moody’s Analytics NewsEdge solutions give our customers the confidence to make high-quality, informed decisions. In a world where information is streaming around the clock to their desktops and devices, professionals can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content and do not have time and resource to parse the information in a timely manner to find what is important.

Our NewsEdge natural language processing (NLP) engine is central to all our news solutions. It enriches each story with entity, people, subject, industry, and location information in real time for instant insights. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology further enhances each story based on additional signals that can be gleaned from the text, such as sentiment, trading impact, credit risk, and more.

These signals work in tandem with our classification metadata to tell users what a story is about as well as to provide insights into its meaning. Whether our customers are using our news solutions to inform their decision making or leveraging our NewsEdge NLP enrichment technology for their own proprietary content processing, we are giving them the intelligence they need to make better decisions.

A-Team Group: What are your plans to develop these solutions over the next year?

Sergio: For the better part of 2021, our data scientists and engineering team have been partnering with colleagues across Moody’s to marry our text-based models to our existing quantitative models. The output is new modules including NewsEdge for Credit Risk and NewsEdge for Adverse Events. These solutions are due to be released in Q1 2022.

Our AI/ ML technology allows us to grow our signal-based news modules quickly and in a customised way that brings news insights to other use cases such as supply chain management, trade credit and tax fraud. We are working not just segment by segment, but also tracking any kind of event globally.

A-Team Group: What does this award mean to Moody’s Analytics and your team?

Sergio: To receive a Data Management Insight award recognising our contributions to AI and ML is truly rewarding. We are passionate about advancing our technology – to provide the best in class NLP engine. This award validates the work we have been doing, and motivates our team to keep innovating in the knowledge that industry organisations such as A-Team Group recognise the value we are providing. Further, this award reinforces the choice our customers have made in choosing Moody’s Analytics and its NewsEdge solutions. When an award such as this is earned, its value is immeasurable.

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