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Market-Maker Allston Trading Selects Corvil for Network Data Analytics

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By Uri Inspector, Staff Reporter

Allston Trading, a market-maker in global energy, commodity and financial futures markets, has selected Corvil to provide network data analytics and reporting that the firm hopes will improve the performance of its trading infrastructure.

The firm is using Corvil tools to optimise its market data, trade plant and execution, and may, in the future, implement the vendor’s recently introduced Information Hub, which is designed to help firms turn infrastructure metrics into business advantage through better understanding of system and client behaviours.

Allston’s initial deal with Corvil uses the latter’s platform to deliver machine-time visibility and insights to improve the firm’s highly automated trade routing decisions, measure end-to-end transaction performance and oversee execution quality across several venues.

Allston expects the Corvil platform to offer rapid problem identification, isolation and resolution, thereby reducing the risk of service quality degradation and outages. Corvil analytics will also be used to measure behaviour profiles of new algorithms and software that automate various tasks, such as price analysis and order execution.

Steve Lazzo, chief technology officer at Allston Trading, says: “Corvil helps us advance our strategic innovation plan by providing real-time visibility across our environment, enabling us to address issues before they cost us time and money, and allowing us to determine where we get the best return on investment for development. When assessing whether to build or buy tools for effective and efficient operations, Corvil proved a very compelling option for improving trading performance and lowering our operational expenditure.”

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