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Liquidnet Enhances Equities Trading Application with Actionable Alerts for Improved Execution

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Liquidnet, the technology-driven agency execution specialist, has announced the integration of actionable alerts into its equities trading application, aiming to improve execution and alpha generation. The enhanced application is available to all US and Canadian clients and is powered by Liquidnet’s premium suite of algorithms.

The new alerts enhance the application’s liquidity-seeking capabilities, offering traders the opportunity to quickly take advantage of liquidity events created by dark blocks and to re-engage within the Liquidnet network on missed trading opportunities. Among the alerts is the Surge Opportunity alert, which was designed following the success of Surge Capture, the inaugural feature released from Liquidnet’s innovation hub, Liquidnet Labs.

By leveraging their own liquidity, Liquidnet’s innovative prompts help traders stay ahead of sudden market movements and capture opportunities that might otherwise be missed. The Surge Opportunity alert marks the next stage of evolution, notifying traders of block trades executed in the market and giving them the opportunity to take advantage of these liquidity events.

“Our goal has always been to leverage technology and service to help the buy side solve their liquidity and execution challenges,” commented Alan Polo, Head of Business Development, Americas at LiquidNet. “This way of thinking led us to introduce Surge Capture six years ago, which continues to be one of the most innovative features in the market. The new Surge Opportunity alert reflects our ability to build on our success to introduce new technology-driven solutions for our clients to help them tap into block liquidity within our global network but also in the market as a whole.”

Rob Cranston, Global Head of Equities Product at Liquidnet, added: “Finding block liquidity, particularly in the current market conditions, can be challenging. We’ve seen client success through Surge Capture, and so Surge Opportunity builds off that concept of prompting clients to catch relevant liquidity after a block print. These technology-driven solutions enable our clients to capture these sudden spikes in liquidity and avoid missing out. These new capabilities and alerts are truly unique in the market.”

Liquidnet has also introduced a new interface that provides clearer navigation, enabling traders to access calibrated analytics more easily. The analytics are delivered in a way that fits traders’ workflows, helping them define trading strategies and further reduce their trading costs.

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