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I’m writing this posting from Montreal, Canada, where I just watched a thrilling Formula 1 grand prix, won by British rookie Lewis Hamilton. An amazing achievement in only his sixth F1 race. So what has F1 got to do with low latency?

Well, for one, F1 laps are timed down to the millisecond, just as many low latency systems are. And for two, our friends at the Securities Technology Analysis Center (Stac) will be using the upcoming Sifma Technology Management Conference & Exhbibit to give away a $1,000 TAG Heuer F1 Chronograph, something like the one pictured below.

To be eligible for the free drawing, visit the Stac website and either register or update your profile. Registration is free. Alas, only registrants from end-user firms can win the watch.

For more previews of the “Sifma Show” – which takes place June 19th to 21st at the Hilton New York – be sure to check back at this site daily. Until next time … here’s some, errr, music.

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