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LeapXpert Unveils Enterprise Monitoring for Apple iMessage

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Regulatory surveillance specialist LeapXpert’s has added a so-called Governed Mode to its LeapXpert Communications Platform, creating an enterprise solution for capturing and facilitating enterprise communications on Apple’s iMessage messaging service.

The LeapXpert platform is now able to capture conversations carried out between clients using iMessage with enterprise employees communicating through Leap Work and Leap Work for Microsoft Teams. This provides full control and visibility of iMessage business conversations and ensures compliance with recordkeeping regulations.

“Many financial institutions want to use iMessage to keep up with client demands,” says LeapXpert CEO and founder Dima Gutzeit. “But some corporate policies do not permit the use of native consumer messaging apps.” The platform’s Governed Mode – which enables iMessage conversations from Leap Work app – addresses this need, he says. “Additionally, many of our customers are moving to Microsoft Teams as the single platform for internal and external communication and it is natural that iMessage should be part of the offer.”

LeapXpert last year released the platform’s Native Mode, which enables the capture of messages sent via the native iMessage app. The solution empowered enterprise employees to embrace the intuitive and familiar iMessage app to communicate with external parties who prefer iMessage.

The new Governed Mode provides full control and visibility of client iMessage conversations in real time. Enterprise employees can now communicate with clients through LeapXpert’s dedicated Desktop, iOS, and Android app – Leap Work – as well as Leap Work for Microsoft Teams, on corporate or personal devices.

Through integrations with leading archiving systems, IT teams can retain and access conversations in one place, while real-time enterprise controls such as Data Leakage Prevention, Content Disarm Reconstruction (CDR), and an antivirus, ensure that business use of iMessage is compliant and adheres to corporate policies.

The LeapXpert Communications Platform (previously known as FMOP) is an enterprise solution for secure and compliant communications between employees and clients on consumer messaging applications and voice channels. The platform enables enterprises to meet regulatory compliance and strict governance policies through its record-keeping and data security and control capabilities.

Avi Pardo, co-founder and CRO of LeapXpert, says the new capability is being rolled out with four Tier 1 global financial institutions, and is seeking to address growing demand for iMessage support, particularly in the US.

“We expect to bring it to hundreds of thousands of enterprise users within a year,” he says. “It will ensure that our customers are compliant with regulations while allowing employees to separate personal and business communications. Moreover, enterprise employees can maintain a single corporate identity with one number for iMessage, WhatsApp, and other channels, enabling seamless client communication.”

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